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Avengers: Age of Ultron Movie Poster - Iron Man

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I like how authentic it looks and how they probably will only just use Iron Man as a frontrunner in their campaigns..
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Thanks, I could see that being a possibility. 
FallenTesla's avatar
one of the better fan made posters that Ive seen. Its nice, simple, direct, not to crowded and the caption at the top. Oh that's good.
bijit69's avatar
now that's the best avengers 2 poster i've seen till now :)
Jedd-the-Jedi's avatar
Really good work, it's a very effective teaser and does look like something that might come out of the studio! 
JackunzelLuver's avatar
.........that looks........depressing.........I hope Iron Man comes back though
skysoul25's avatar
purely epic :D 
FlyingLion76's avatar
I like the tag line you picked.
ChargedGraphite's avatar
Why's it always got to be Iron Man getting turned out extra crispy?...heh.
FallenTesla's avatar
Because he is one of the favorites. Its always the more renowned characters that get offed inorder to increase reactions. But don't worry its Marvel so he'll be back in like two issues. XD
ChargedGraphite's avatar

It's like they use Iron Man for the poster boy of disposable technology these days. 

" Don't worry that he blew up, we'll draw a new one. "

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