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my Cat tattoo

By tyke220
my original design of my third tattoo
my cat and her name
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may i have the same tattoo? i loved it a lot coz my name is hidden in it :)
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Hey there, i really love the design of this, i was wondering if i could use this and re-draw it to have my cat's name in it, full credit will be given to you for the design :)
I'm thinking about getting it tattooed :)
Hi, I was wondering if I can also use the design for a tattoo, have just lost my girl cat and this would be a perfect design to remember her by.
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Hello tyke,

my mom does like this tattoo of your's and want's me to ask you for your permission to use this one as a walltattoo in our new home.

Could we get your permission for this, please?
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for walltattoo? like wallpaper? yes you have my permission. :)
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aw thank you :hug:

Yes it's like a wallpaper, I did this already with 3 other tattoos of other artists and uploaded it here ^_^
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wow they look awesome!
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Thanks =)

we are still about to get the others at the wall too - I just can't upload them yet course we are already in the new home :dance: and without internet and TV and this stuff :XD:
right now I'm at work - so I can reply you :typerhappy:

But I must say that I don't really miss the internet/TV I only miss it to upload all the good photos I took in the mean while :hmm:
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it looks great, i like it !
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