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Journal Comic - Where's The Hyphen

By tyhalley
A comic from my journal comic series "The Secret Life of a Journal Comic". You can read more at my main site at

And now for it's original notes...

The precise placement of the hyphen is a very important question to address. A "bitch whore-slut" is very different from a "bitch-whore slut". Would it actually make a lot of difference in my response? No, not really, but sometimes knowledge is it's own pursuit, or maybe it's it's own reward, it's really hard to say.

Look, I just want to seem smart so you like me for my mind and not only to watch me be horrible like the bitch-whore-slut that I am. Oh god, a full hyphen run? I hadn't even considered that!

Or is it "full-hyphen run"?
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FatefullyKinetic's avatar
I do a lot of full-hyphen-runs when I'm trying to describe something but I have no better way of going about it.
tyhalley's avatar
They're certainly useful!
Lyrically-Sadistic's avatar
Forget hyphens, why does he just want to watch? I'd understand taking part, or giving some privacy, but just sitting there watching? That just feels awkward...
tyhalley's avatar
Sometimes you wanna mix it up! We'd already "done stuff". =P
Zekkie's avatar
PFFFFFT Dam it Ty! You made me spray my tea, you ass hat!
tyhalley's avatar
Noooo! I flew too close to the sun! And now I'm wasting teeeeea! T_T
btomimatsu's avatar
Your expression in that last panel. :XD:
locknessmonster292's avatar
I didn't know you were a bitch-whore slut. I do believe that's a new phrase for me.
Oh, and congratulations, I'm officially afraid of Liam.
tyhalley's avatar
As you should be... Glad I'm spreading the good word.
locknessmonster292's avatar
Save yourself.

I just realized that reading your journal comic is like reverse stalking.
tyhalley's avatar
At least I get to feel important though! :D
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