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Journal Comic - The Next Generation



A comic from my journal comic series "The Secret Life of a Journal Comic". You can read more at my main site at

And now for it's original notes...

Almost everyone I've ever talked to has had a trying childhood and parents who they can't even handle. This might be because everyone thinks they were handed a raw deal, or perhaps the only people who I find interesting enough to talk to, had to have something be off a bit in order to make them that way.

I like to think the latter is the case. Perhaps just because it'd give my damage purpose. The purpose of making me interesting enough that I can at least respect myself if nothing else.

But that doesn't mean I want to risk raising a kid who turns out a little too interesting. Maybe "shoot up a mini-mall" interesting. It's pretty simple, you can't accidentally kill anyone if you don't load the gun; and in this case, the gun is a vagina.
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