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Journal Comic - Moving Variance

By tyhalley
A comic from my journal comic series "The Secret Life of a Journal Comic". You can read more at my main site at

And now for it's original notes...

It can be difficult to know what role you play in a relationship when you're inside it. And I don't just mean a romantic or sexual relationship, it's true for any type of partnership. Are you the logical one who keeps everything balanced? or are you the one who passionately throws everything out there to see what sticks? And just because you play one role when you're with one person, can that switch when you're engaging with someone else?

Well according to the tests I've been taking, I'm Rainbow Dash in the house of Slytherin. Not sure how that helps me, I guess I'll have to take some more tests.
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I have no time for people. I just chat with my pet armchair. Sometimes go the movies.
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Check yourself into Aperture Labs as a testing associate. I hear there's cake involved.
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I DO like getting in on betas for new tech...
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Makes as much sense as any other relationship formula Ive seen.
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I'm really good at formulas.
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Ah there's that wonderful logic ;3
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