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Journal Comic - Moving Fast

By tyhalley
A comic from my journal comic series "The Secret Life of a Journal Comic". You can read more at my main site at

And now for it's original notes...

I'm not sure if moving as much as I do is normal for someone of my age in this current world we live in, or even if it's a good sign or a bad one in terms of moving forward in life. Perhaps it means absolutely nothing and I should be focusing on other things to determine my current status in life.

Like getting laid? There is another move that would ensure a lot more of that, but that means moving again, and we still haven't established what that would mean for my "life score". But my "scoring life" is certainly something to consider regardless.
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locknessmonster292's avatar
How long did that paint job take?

Oh, and I don't think that it's your fault for moving as often as you are. Just coincidence/circumstances. It has nothing to do with your character.

Unless you're crap at painting walls.
tyhalley's avatar
It was actually just a weekend or something, but I've extending the comics to cover more than one comic a day.

Plus... I WAS painting more than one room, and some outside stuff as well.
locknessmonster292's avatar
Oh, cool. I would have completely screwed it up myself, so congratulations. Here's some cake.
Zekkie's avatar
Do it! Do it! Do it! Pffft, Well, ya kinda already diiiiiid but still do it!
tyhalley's avatar
weeeee'll see! ;3
MaestroMorte's avatar
Id go for it. Its better than living in an alley
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