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Who is best Pony? FHD

By tygrHD
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Just my "Who is best Pony?" except in PNG and 1080p.
This was such a trouble to make, cause I lost the old .psd file, and I tried to make it as similar to the old one as I could ^^

Please critique and share!
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Party In The Clouds, The indicator is closest to Rainbow Dash's cutie mark. It's a question that answers itself.
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Isnt this the cover art for the Party In The Clouds Album?
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Yeah, it was really nice to get the opportunity to provide the cover art :D
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Twilight is best pony
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You spelt fluttershy wrong
Twily469's avatar
Ok I spelled it wrong (I don't want to start another of this fights)
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Hey, could you do a version with Fluttershy selected and the Fluttershy Cutie Mark glowing as if there would be a LED behind it?
I tried to do it on my own but I'm not that good with gimp and it looked very creepy :(
tygrHD's avatar I have no idea how glows are supposed to look :P , so I edited one with just a turned knob and another with a turned knob with a horrible glow. If you have photoshop, I could upload the .psd for you and you could try your hand at the glow :3 (40mb though)

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First of all: thanks a lot!
I use gimp, it can handle psd files very well, so I could give it a try...
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Thanks for the upload :D
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This was featured on the lifehacker blog btw
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Really? wow, thats awesome /)^3^(\ could you link me to it?
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[link] found it! I was like, wait, this isn't a pony blog
Celestia bless you for 1920x1080 version.
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Hey thanks for doing this! Was really hoping you'd eventually make a 1080 version.
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Is there a non pony version?
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Maybe, this wallpaper actually started out as a wallpaper I made for a group on Facebook, but then I realised it would be cool as a pony wallpaper :D I'm planning on making just a volume-slider version of this, but i think people are getting tired of thier message box spammed with the same wallpaper :P
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Never mind, my friend helped by shopping off the cutie marks, he did a pretty good job.
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Send me a link, I'd like to see what he did :D
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Damn son, that is one fine wallpaper. The lighting is perfect, and the concept is completely original and well-done.
Yes! Finally, I can have 1080p version of one of the best pony wallpapers ever!

Thank you :)
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