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Who is best Pony?

By tygrHD
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My first submission to dA- not my best, but I think its quite cool :iconcolondplz:

Cutie marks by: :iconadamlhumphreys:

Please critique and share!

EDIT: So, I decided to check if this post had gotten any views since last night, and I find this, so I was like, [link]

and then I was like,



Thanks to Equestria Daily, Equestria Digital, and all the artwork groups on dA for featuring this!


1080p Version, with some fixes: [link]
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None....... soaring is best PONY
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*turns know to first selectable at the left*
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Turn that knob all the way to the right!
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about 15 degrees to the left from up
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Wait no at 11h
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Best pony is at 1h
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Now just if it moved.
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holy shit that look amazing! how did you do that?
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Aww man... Why is Derpy's space blank?

Very nice wallpaper! I'll be using this on my incredibly small monitor :D
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Dude, this is incredible.
Seriously, awesome job.
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Oh man this is too cool!

Do you have it at a higher res? Id hate to stretch this out and make it look pixelated :C
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This is your first wallpaper?

Wow, bro. Not bad, not bad at all.
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Very nice job on the textures. Fav'd and used as a laptop background. Keep up the good work, and congrats on being featured on EQD!
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Oh... Need bigger version :(
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yes! revenge on the rich people and their overly large monitors! This background shall be for all the laptop users!
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New desktop BG, Y U NO BIGGER!? :icony-u-noplz:
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But seriously, it's awesome
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Great start. Keep it up.
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Ermagud, this is awesome! But uh, if you want to know, 1920 by 1080 pixels is currently the highest screen resolution. :icontwilightshrugplz:
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haha ha ha. . . . fluttershy is.
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What happens if I turn it up to eleven?
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You clean off the dishes at a microscopic level :vinylscratchplz:
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Wohoo, thanks for this epic pic, its my new background <3
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