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Red Panda X3 by tyggrrsgirl Red Panda X3 :icontyggrrsgirl:tyggrrsgirl 4 3 UFO in Jasper by tyggrrsgirl UFO in Jasper :icontyggrrsgirl:tyggrrsgirl 1 0
within the night
the truth comes to life
for it is hidden
in the day
the nightmares from dreams
that come to life
so they can harm people
like you and me
the truth lies between the lies
as we are possessed
by these things
we try to fight
to find the light
but it wont come till day
so as we wait
the truth seems as if
it just wants to play
and as we follow
until tomorrow
we see whats behind
:icontyggrrsgirl:tyggrrsgirl 1 2
beach or ocean??? by tyggrrsgirl beach or ocean??? :icontyggrrsgirl:tyggrrsgirl 2 4
closed doors
just listen for a minute of your time
to all the things thats just not wrong in our minds
because war isnt just the only thing goin on
sexual assult is just a longer word for rape
and murder is a softened word for somebodys killed
and child abuse is just forgotten about
and never seen
so why cant we help
other people to be free
because between you and me
in every three girls
ones going to raped by the age eight-teen
and one in seven children are abused
or even killed
so why cant we help?
why cant we help?
the reason why?
is because they feel like
they have no right to speak
or theyre to scared
theyll be taken or separated from their family
so when we speak out
do you need help?
or is something wrong?
they may not tell you
but inside you know
and you hold them close
even though you know you
may not be able to help
you can atleast tell them
i will try to help and be here for you
and what about the animals
theres over one-million dead or killed every year
but how can we help
when t
:icontyggrrsgirl:tyggrrsgirl 0 1
your addiction
one day
you say
that you will quit
as you sit with
a bag of chips
you pass away
on the day i was away
even then
you didnt quit
because of your addiction
to cigarettes
:icontyggrrsgirl:tyggrrsgirl 1 0
driven to die
as the sun sets
with its bright red light
on the water
it looks as if
he was driven
to slit his wrists
and the blood
is running into the bathtub
and the moon
high above
is just watching him
watching him die
she must have done it
with a giant grin
that shines the night sky
:icontyggrrsgirl:tyggrrsgirl 0 0
he's drunk again
she fears him
as he walks in
she hides the children
for he's drunk again
she goes up to him
asking the same questions again
why do you do this?
we need the money
to feed us and
to keep a roof over our heads
:icontyggrrsgirl:tyggrrsgirl 0 0
the measures of life
the days i wake
the nights i stray
the falls i take
just to get up again
the time it takes
the days await
for life to start again
the ups and downs
the smiles and frowns
like the sky and ground
theyre seen over again
the measure of lifes days
theres many ways
people use them again
:icontyggrrsgirl:tyggrrsgirl 0 0
nobody helped me
gone for a walk
down an old road
ive never been down before
get off this street
a distant voice tells me
i try to flee but
they got me
im on my knees
as i bleed
in the middle of the street
a little kid
stands before me
please help me
my vision goes fuzzy
i hack up a fist full of blood
im sorry little kid
that you had to see me
nobody helped me
:icontyggrrsgirl:tyggrrsgirl 0 0
cry by tyggrrsgirl cry :icontyggrrsgirl:tyggrrsgirl 0 0
one day
one day
when a young man
was walking down the street
out the corner of his eye he saw
a dashing young woman
her hair
cut short,
brown with orange or golden hints
a lovely
black,purple, and blue
that ended at her knees
and black punk hiking boots
she won't be his
for another week
:icontyggrrsgirl:tyggrrsgirl 0 0
what has happened?
as i wait
they slowly creep in
till they're breathing on my skin
you may not see them
but i can
they cry for my help
the loud high pitched
screechs, screams, and sounds
all of a sudden
i am forgotten
i stand in front of you
someone i know
you walk through me
without a sound
what has happened?
have i become
one of the things
you can't seem to see?
:icontyggrrsgirl:tyggrrsgirl 0 0
did you make it?
running along the shadows track
panting with pain in the chest
tumbling into the darkness
running with the fear of
hobgoblins at your heals
imps and twarties
grinning like demons
hungry to nip your ankles
and have a sip of your blood
and what an imp
has secreted itself
in the follows
like a sulking dog
to pester you in this
new land all over again
did you make it?
:icontyggrrsgirl:tyggrrsgirl 0 0
the little white flakes
fall slowly yet quick
touching everything softly
with curosity
while the wind
teaches the trees how to dance
to its peacefull song
and the cloulds
keep the mountains warm
while everyone is
sipping on hot chocolate
and drinking tea
everyone but me
i'm eating ice cream
:icontyggrrsgirl:tyggrrsgirl 1 2
different by tyggrrsgirl different :icontyggrrsgirl:tyggrrsgirl 0 0


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