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Wizard of Wor


Wizard of Wor is an arcade game from 1980, developed by Midway. Team Pixelboy have ported the classic game to the classic Colecovision console, and hired me to create new cover artwork for it. Redesigning all the game’s characters and monsters made this an extremely complex piece of artwork, done at a very large size. But I kept the colors bright and primary, giving it a somehow simpler vintage look.

The maze background and 3d logo were created in Photoshop and rendered as 3d in Poser. The art was done with pencil on paper, and inked with Copic F02 drawing pens [plus brush pens for some characters]. Coloring was done in Photoshop using a Wacom tablet.

Here is the progression of the characters, from the rough pencil sketches to final color:…………

Previously, I created new art for Team Pixelboy’s Colecovision port of the 1984 Rare game Knight Lore.…

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"Yer off ta see da Wizard... the fetid Wizard of Wor..."
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I played this game at our local arcade expo here in Louisville, Kentucky.  I got so addicted in just a few minutes.  Luckily at our expo's all the games are free.  OwO
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Wizard of Wor
Burning through the gates of heaven's door
Exile from the centuries
A world which he was born
Wizard of Wor

Check this song oot…

Killer Art Work!