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Metropolitan Cover: Rhiannon

Magazine cover parody for my comic series, The Chosen Ones ...


The cover features fictional pop star Rhiannon. It was referenced from a February 2009 Cosmopolitan cover with Jessica Alba. Due to Photoshop trickery on the original cover, the anatomy of her lower body made no sense, and I went my own way with it. That might have completed the parody, to have bad Photoshop anatomy that makes no sense, but it would have just looked like bad art.

There's something going on on this cover that will become clear if I ever tell the second Chosen Ones story, Ladies Night. That won't be for a long time, though.

Also, subtlest Doctor Who reference ever?
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nice work! i did a mock cover of juxtapoz for graphic design class a few years ago. i feel sad that i don't see the doctor who reference so i suppose you win for most subtle subtlest subtle reference in the history of birth!

oh, p.s. the link to your comic is broken, might i inquire where it is now, if it still exists? if not, no worries. cheers! :)
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Thanks. I've fixed the link now.
Doctor Who reference: Sarah Jane Smith wrote for a magazine called Metropolitan. Maybe it's gone downhill.
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Only 1400 pages of ads? They must be cutting back!
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That looks great!
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It looks just like a cover for that type of magazine, except it's a parody. I like how you drew the woman. :eyepopping:
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Our mutual friend (Ms. 'L') posted the link. Too funny! Nice work. "1400 pages of ads" Bwaaa ha ha ha ha!
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