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Games Ponies Play (Luna and Derpy)

Princess Luna and Derpy Hooves, playing a collectible card game. The fun has been doubled!

Original drawing by myself. Color vector version by :iconfirestorm-can: Firestorm-CAN.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic was created by :iconfyre-flye: Lauren Faust and is owned by Hasbro.
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Heh, love it.

mlpony46's avatar
It is this love painting.
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Aw this is super cute and adorebale
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Teaching Derpy how to play, nice. :)

Now I wonder if Twilight's deck will go well against Luna's, and my game preference is related to Magic the Gathering instead.
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Look at luna's expression, she is worried that she will lose to derpy.
Piet-Lu's avatar
i'd rather say, that Luna's expression shows, that she already knows exactly, how to win :D
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Probably Derpy's eye should be showing so much in 3/4 backside view, but regardless I find her to be downloadable diabetes in this pic. Not sure If I ever saw this wing position before, quite original one.
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Cute pic and all, but the card layout is totally wrong for MLP:CCG. No problems in play.
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such a cute eqd banner XD Derpy Clapping IconClapping Pony Icon - Princess Luna 
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I'm sure those two will become good friends. :D
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this is so cute!
LetsEatHay's avatar
When I saw the new EqD banner I had to stop and look at it for a while, it's such a cute scene :D
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So cute, I love it!!! :D
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The Two BEST ponies!
ShadeWolfBuizel's avatar
This is so cute, especially since they have the same voice actors X3
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