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Daring Do in Ponies of the Lost Ark

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Original drawings by myself, color vector versions by :icondentist73548: Dentist73548.

This was a 10-pony commission project. All the characters are OCs and I put a lot of thought into balancing the OCs' original designs with making sure every character is recognizable as the characters from the films.

Dentist worked very hard for quite a long time vectoring all the tiny details and getting all the color characters just right. When he'd finished each character, I would change the color schemes. I think the color scheme is the most important thing in an OC. There's a very subtle difference between a pleasing color scheme and a bad one.

Let's give Dentist a big hand for all his hard work on the color vector versions.

Our cast, clockwise from lower left:

Pick as Scootaround [Temple of Doom]
Inquiry as Sallah [Raiders/Last Crusade]
Soul Waker as Cairo Swordspony [Raiders]
Daring Do as Indiana Jones
OhNine (S0rr0wsEdge) as Arnold Toht [Raiders]
Snapshot as Mola Ram [Temple of Doom]
Captain Courage as Dr. Henry Jones Sr. [Last Crusade]
Aurafluff as Marion Ravenwood [Raiders/Crystal Skull]
TerraFirma as Elsa Schneider [Last Crusade]
Frolic as Irina Spalko [Crystal Skull]

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic was created by :iconfyre-flye: Lauren Faust and is owned by Hasbro.
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Tesseradical17Hobbyist Digital Artist
"If adventure has hair..."
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theartestfromhellHobbyist Traditional Artist
"i like Daring Do!"
"We named the dog Daring Do!"
"I've got a lot of fond memories of that dog."
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LeviathanTheGamerHobbyist Traditional Artist
Where's Willie? If Short Round is there, WHERE'S WILLIE?
Ruzi-the-Spider's avatar
Ruzi-the-SpiderHobbyist General Artist
My thoughts! :D (Big Grin) Draw her, please!
I'm reading the novel to the seconf movie and really like how this chacter is depicted.
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All perfectly MATCH!
AlexCDavi1's avatar
I thought it was moda ram.
Nintendogamemaster's avatar
Just wondering, how did you came up with the names? I once thought what would be the names of the ponified Indiana Jones villains, but nothing came up.
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tygerbugProfessional Traditional Artist
These were existing OCs which I was asked to incorporate.
Nintendogamemaster's avatar
Oh, ok. By the way, I thought the name Spalcolt instead of Spalko before.
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Perfect for a spin-off TV series or parody movie.
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looks great :D but no love for Willie Scott... and what about Belloq?
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tygerbugProfessional Traditional Artist
Willie Scott is the worst.
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That's not how you spell "Spalko"... :P
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Daring Do in Ponies of the Lost Mark
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MakingPicsSlowlyHobbyist Digital Artist
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:iconderpplz: i forgot to add this to my community projects folder, speaking of which, you need to see this [link]
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sasukex125Hobbyist Traditional Artist
yeah, i'm just letting you know that :iconrainbowdashfan55: has stolen your art.
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Streled Traditional Artist
Hey, you should take a look at :iconrainbowdashfan55:, cause you'll get a very bad surprise...
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Art theft alert. Your art is being stolen.

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I see you have found the ark for us, Dr. Do.
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I prefer the name Smallball for the kid, but... heh. Cute.
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otaking3582Hobbyist General Artist
I like the part where the Nazis' faces melt off!
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OOOOH so you want Critique? Well it's freaking awesome, i like the fact you left the son out even though you gave the Russian lady a place in this great picture.
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