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Original line art by myself. :icondentist73548: Dentist73548 created the color vector versions of the characters. I did the shading and painting.

Discord, Fausticorn and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic were created by :iconfyre-flye: Lauren Faust. My Little Pony is copyright of Hasbro.

Come and see me at Table 316 at Bronycon, June 30/July 1st at the Meadowlands Convention Center in Secaucus, New Jersey!
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Next up: Lauren vs Hasbro
PokeMarioFan14's avatar
The battle of the century!
DragonGod10's avatar
What's her name?
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Some call her Lady Faust some call her Fausticorn, but she is based off the original creator of the show Lauren Faust.
DragonGod10's avatar
I know that. I know that very well. I read on a MLP:FiM wiki that another list of her names were Mother Mare, Regal Mother, Rosetta, Omnia, Harmony Tau Sunflare, and Writing Glory.
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Cool picture. Say by chance do you know about this one "fanfic/fanart" that described the war between Bronies and Anti-bronies, which were created and led by Faust and Discord respectively?
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Ha - I'm not really acquainted with the various fanfics.
MegaMovieMonday's avatar
Oh ok then. haha. Yeah you probably haven't since I found it on Tumblr I think.
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"You've gone too far this time. I created you, and I can end you as well!"

"Oh how very amusing. Go ahead and try my dear, I'd love to see the attempt."
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Comment by ~Chaotic Discord~ btw.
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I wouldn’t be smirking if I were you, Discord. She controls your fate, you know.
bronyakatsukislayer's avatar
And thats how PinkiePie got her cutie mark
SparklySnuggly's avatar
Haha I totally see what you did there! :D

And that's how Equestria was made (c) Pinkie Pie
miketheraven's avatar
Oh man..........Discord, you sir are screwed buddy.
Freefox's avatar
And that`s how equestria was made
Dakathi666's avatar
So this is what it was like.O.O
TheGreenBrony's avatar
Kind of makes me feel bad for Discord.
JaySG2010's avatar
Epic battle! Yeah!
PaperMatt202's avatar
Lauren Faust is best pony! :D
RedWingsDragon's avatar
heh Awesome work here
DeJiKo07's avatar
This is gonna be Epic!!!
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Talk about "I brought you into this world, and I can take you out of it"
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Discord goes rebel against his creator? I wonder how this'll end...
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