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84 Page My Little Pony Book

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic
84 Page Coloring and Activity Storybook
by Garrett Gilchrist
47.5 MB PDF

"The single greatest coloring book ever" - Phoe, Equestria Daily

The second, 74 page Pony coloring book is here:

A third set of 10 Pony coloring pages is here:

For the past two weeks I've been working very hard to create an 84-page My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Coloring and Activity Storybook that can work for both kids and grown-ups.

Now, it's done!

This isn't intended to compete with the official Pony coloring books. Those are intended for a young audience, and we'll buy them anyway because they're pony and they're cheap. But Hasbro would have to be pretty crazy to make a coloring book for an older audience!

So this is a book for the fans. It's intended for all ages to enjoy, whether you’re young or just young at heart. There’s fun and games and puzzles, some that any kid can enjoy, some that will challenge even the smartest adult. There are mazes, word searches, word scrambles, The Great and Powerful Crossword, and ... 20 pages of nonogram puzzles, including two very challenging "expert mode" ones of Pinkie Pie and The Great and Powerful Trixie! What's a nonogram? The book will show you what to do.

It's a storybook too. You can read along with the story of the first episode, of how Twilight Sparkle first came to Ponyville and discovered the magic of friendship, whether you’re reading to a loved one or reading to yourself. And, of course, you can get out your colored pencils, markers or crayons and color in all your favorite characters!

There's Lyra, Bon Bon, Derpy Hooves, The Great and Powerful Trixie, Octavia, DJ P0N-3 Vinyl Scratch, Big Macintosh, Apple Bloom, Cheerilee, and many more!

It's all traced or referenced from screen grabs of the actual TV show, so all the characters are on model and look like they should. It was all drawn traditionally, pen on paper, and a lot of work went into giving it just the right look. Mostly low-res screen grabs were used to give the right proportions without just tracing everything. Certain pages were referenced with thanks to the DeviantArt MLP Vector Club.

This was all written, designed and drawn by Garrett Gilchrist (, who you might also know for the WhoSprites Doctor Who lost episode animation project, the feature film Shamelessly She-Hulk, and The Thief and the Cobbler Recobbled Cut.

This is a not for profit work of fan art. No money will ever be made from this. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic © 2011, Hasbro.

Visit Garrett at, or his deviantart at


The second, 74 page Pony coloring book is here:

A third set of 10 Pony coloring pages is here:
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Darn, I wish I had a printer ;-;
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love this so much
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cann  i base pony
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This is great, thank you so much for making it free for everyone to enjoy :)
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Hey, I had some fun with this. Much thanks. Much.…
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This is a brilliant idea!
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My dad would probley yell at my if I print all of these off but I might go through them and take a few out but I would probley still waste the ink X3
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-mother - what are you doing?
Me- being an artist...
Mother- with a child's coloring book?
Me- it professional for adults!
Mother- okay...
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Oh mah GOSH is this going to be fun... :)
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"Are those coloring pages for kids?"
"Would coloring pages for kids have this?" *shows the expert nonogram*
Hehe, thanks for these!
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I don't computers saying the format type may harm my computer:/
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oh thanks a lot for making this! this is REALLY awesome! you did a great job with this :) thanks again.
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My litle sis says you "Thank you!".
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Really great coloring book! So many pictures and so much detail to color! Saving all of these. :)
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Sweet mother of Celestia! I've been looking for something like this for a week or two, I'm glad I found this.
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I know what I'm doing on my next roadtrip.
It's so awesome I cried rainbow coloured tears.
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I'm so excited to print/colour this!
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Is there some sort of program or how to on printing this and making it like a real coloring book bound and everything? As in printed on both sides of the paper and folded down the middle?
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A print shop or vanity press would do it but it would cost a little money.
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WOW. my daughter thanks you. AND SO DO I! my inner child is dancing a jig right now
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These are amazing! and are perfect for my sister's doodlebug personality. I appreciate the links for downloading, this way I print them and she can color them in all the ways she wants ^.^
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