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Ni Felter

League of Light

Robot Rubble

Melody Runner

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Cat Person

Cannot Express My Delight - Acrylic

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Cannot Express My Delight - Acrylic



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So, what am I working on, and how can you help? Check out the new video at:

I'm Garrett Gilchrist. I draw, paint and animate, and I also write, direct and edit feature films, like the superheroine film "Shamelessly." I am a film restorationist who edited The Thief and the Cobbler: Recobbled Cut and Star Wars Deleted Magic. I created Whosprites, the lost Doctor Who animation project. I've been a vendor at several conventions. I've written fourteen screenplays.

Yes, I do paid commission drawings! Many of the drawings here are commissions. Usually the cost is $50-100. This is negotiable depending on the difficulty of the piece.

My Tumblr:

My Twitter:

My Youtubes:

My comic, The Chosen Ones:

A message board for creative people, FFrevolution:
Opening up one or two slots for art commissions if anyone needs anything. Contact privately.
Alex Williams of the FLIP Animation Blog asked me to write a few words about freelancing, and getting paid for it. Is it acceptable for artists to work for free, or for low wages?  What can they do to avoid being exploited? What have I learned from t...
So here's a newly-coded gallery of my artwork -- http://orangecow.org/illustration/

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maniacaldudeStudent General Artist
Hey there. I'm a big fan of The Thief And The Cobbler, and I really appreciate what you've been doing with the Recobbled Cut. 

I had no idea you were an illustrator as well. That's very interesting to learn.
tygerbugProfessional Traditional Artist
Restoring The Thief and the Cobbler as The Recobbled Cut required my skills as an artist, filmmaker, writer and film editor. I created some minor new art for it, but also had to restore the film frame by frame, and make it work as a movie rather than a collection of footage scraps.
Hi there. I am a big fan of "The Thief and the Cobbler" just like you, and I wanted to talk to you about a couple things. First off, remember that trailer for the original version of the film that was shown in some British theaters? Maybe you thought about doing this, but I decided to recreate that trailer, by gaining as much information as possible.


Also, this might surprise you, but I am currently working on a restoration of the film, called the "Golden Edition" (Keep in mind, this guy called "ArchiplexStudio" changed the name of his restoration to "The Special Edition" to avoid confusion for my restoration). This version would have most of the pencil drawings Photoshopped to be in full color, and may add some more scenes from the Calvert versions that fell useful to the story.

What do you think of my plan? X3
tygerbugProfessional Traditional Artist
I appreciate the enthusiasm but you really need to leave this film alone and leave animation and restoration to the professionals. Maybe work on something of your own.
One question, will Williams ever try to revive the film?
tygerbugProfessional Traditional Artist
As far as I know, no.

He does have a 35mm transfer of his workprint of the film that he shows at screenings from time to time.
Wario94Hobbyist Artist
Hello, Wario94 here and I have a question for you: what happened to your Vimeo account, anyway?