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I'm mainly writing this as a way to put into order the event transpired in the first few days of my Spring Break, 2010.


After getting out of class at 3pm (CST) on Friday the 27th of March (I had to present a project for my Spanish class that my group had just barely pulled off and was fraught with problems every step of the way) I really wanted to get home, but first I had to pack the car.

Just as I was about to leave Columbia, I remembered that I hadn't put my mail on hold or picked up my new apartment lease. So I started running, literally.

1 mile of running and twenty minutes later (there was a line at the post office), I'm finally got back in my car. It was now 4:06pm and my sister's birthday dinner reservation was 130 miles away at the Savoy Grill for 7pm.

At 6:07pm I was back in Kansas City. I quickly unpacked, changed clothes, and made it just in time to go to dinner.

If that isn't cool enough, we got to park in front of the restaurant's front doors. Since it was after hours, we didn't even have to pay the parking meter. We maybe had to take four steps to get inside.

Because of the economy, the restaurant is almost completely empty, so in essence, it was a private party at one of the top restaurants in Kansas City.  Mom and Dad ended up spliting a steak, Sis learned how to eat a lobster, and I had a very good salmon. For dessert, Sis had Crème Brule and Mom and I split a slice of chocolate mouse cake.

That night we relaxed while Sis introduced us to a great liquor mix she had tried earlier at a wine tasting she'd go to with Mom. It is part Golden Tango Cream (better than Bailey's Irish Cream) with Okokio (Sp?) Mint liquor mixed in a shot glass. It tasted like amazing chocolate Christmas with mint. We watched some of the TED videos on YouTube and clips from Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution on Hulu.


My legs were in some pain from all the running I had done on Friday. No, I hadn't conditioned or warmed up before the impromptu run. If it hadn't been for the Five-Fingers, I might not have been able to do it at all.

The pain didn't stop me from attending the 8am karate class and catching up with everyone there.

I got home to enjoy one of Dad's famous omelets. I then helped with some projects around the house and continued unpacking. I think I changed out of my gi (karate uniform) around 1pm.

After changing out of my gi, cleaning my equipment and taking a shower we all headed out to Best Buy to buy Sis TV connectors for her computer.

On the way home, Mom and Sis dropped me off at the Blue Moose to meet up with Dad and his friend to have a beer and watch the ill-fated K-State game. I had a Goose Island Brown Nut Ale from the bottle. It was a smooth Dark brown ale with chocolate and caramel flavors. We ordered a plate of chicken nachos with extra jalapeños and beans sans tomatoes.

About an hour after the game ended we decided it was time to go, and took Dad's friend home.

On the way from dropping her off, Dad and I picked up a bag of Fritos for movie night. Yes, the Fritos were important for the movie. If you have ever seen the movie "Big Trouble," you'll know why Fritos were needed.

I recommend "Big Trouble" to anyone who wants to watch a good action adventure comedy that isn't too violent, but is just crazy enough to relax to.

The other movie we watched was "Swimming Pool." A "thriller" according to Netflix. It's a foreign film about a writer who to a French Villa in order to get over some writer's block and work on her next novel. It is a low-key movie that brings about a very satisfying ending. I recommend it for anyone who wants to watch a more serious film with an engaging plot. (Warning! This movie contains sexual content and full-frontal nudity. Kids would have "those" types of questions, if they decided to stay around. The pacing is too slow and nothing explodes. So you probably couldn't pay a kid to watch this.)

The only damper on the night was that the connections we bought for Sis's computer didn't work.


I woke up around 8:30am and went to Lamar's Doughnuts in Mission, KS. By 9:30am, the parents had left for Church and Sis had gone to have coffee with a friend of mine. I was left alone for a bit and vegged.

At 10, Sis and my friend got back from having coffee and went to take care of the two-week old puppies we watching for the next six weeks.

At 11 the parents returned from church. Mom, Sis, my friend, and I headed to Best Buy to exchange, get refunded, etc the connector. (They were amazed at my repackaging job.) Turns out Apple is phasing out that type of connection so more research is going to have to be done to find out how to get that hook up to work.

We did some additional shopping at Borders Books and MicroCenter in Metcalf 93 and came home for Lunch. Which ended up happening in Brookside at a restaurant called Carmen's on 63rd st. after my friend's suggestion of Bella Napoli ended with a closed sign.

The food at Carmen's was very good. Mom, Sis, and my friend had pasta plate, I had meatballs, and Dad had a cup of coffee.

From there we headed to the Plaza in the continued search for wires. We didn't find them, but we did see one of the most amazing iPhone/iPod Touch attachments ever, a complete credit card processer. Sis bought a new Apple remote. He scanned the Barcode, swiped her card and e-mailed her the receipt all from his phone. No checkout line, no waiting, it was a smooth transition from him helping us to being checkout and sent on our way.

Dad, or someone, is going to have to tell our traveling friend about that the next time we see him.

After dropping Dad back at home we traveled back to the Plaza in search of the last thing Sis was after, a small wine rack. We were surprised to find out that Williams-Sonoma doesn't carry those, and the Function Junction on the plaza is now a toy shop called Zoom. Luckily, Sis noticed the awesome cars everyone else missed.

Finally we found a small wine rack at Diebel's Sportsmens Gallery. If you haven't been there, I would highly recommend a look-see. Diebel's is an old time, high end, sophisticated sports outfitter. But you won't find golf clubs or baseball bats here. No, no. This is all about the rec-room. Everything is a dark wood panels, old time globes, and cigars. There is an entire show room dedicated to cigars; however, there is no smoking, and the place smells like fine leather and wood.

Sis and I really enjoyed looking over the lighter collection. If anything, it will be a place were many of my uncle's future gifts come from.

I didn't get to see as much as I wanted to, but while I'm here in Kansas City I am definitely going back there to check out it.

It was getting on towards 5:30pm and my friend had something to do at 6, so we headed home.

I started working on Dad's computer while everyone else worked on their own projects. I still need to do some tuning on the computer. I wish I could just wipe the hard drive and install Windows 7. It would be so much nicer and easier to work with, I hope.

We did say goodbye to Sis and wished her a safe trip back to college. Unlike me, her Spring Break was a couple of weeks ago.

Over all it was a very fun weekend that was relaxing. My legs are starting to feel better. I'm no longer limping around like I was on Sunday, all over the Plaza.

I have made no plans for the rest of the week because I have a feeling things will turn out just as they have been so far. I'm really looking forward to seeing what life has in store for me. These are the best trips.

Update you all later on what's going on. . . if I get the chance.
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