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Hi Everyone

Well it's been over a year in development but I'm proud to say that we've finally launched our Kickstarter for Armello. This is the reason I've been so quiet for so long. If you're interested in helping back a fantastic strategy game on PC/ios and some amazing artistic talents, please jump over to

Yes it's exhausting, and frightening putting your baby up in front of the world to be appraised. But exhillerating when the response is so overwhelming positive. So far we've raised over $110,000 in a little under a week. Our target is $200k, with some fantastic stretch goals beyond, so I'd humbly ask for your help in getting there. You'd be helping to pay the way for some amazing up and coming game makers.

Thanks everyone - it's well worth your time to check it out just for the artwork alone!
Howdy everyone, it's been such a long time since I've been about. I'm really proud to be able to announce the game I'm currently working on, called Armello. It's a board/card/dice game mash up and will be a heap of fun for lovers of geeky games.

Please jump over and check out the Animated Trailer! It's good arts!…

All the best,
Hi everyone

I've been away for some time now on holiday O.S. and then a couple of weeks sitting on my arse trying to get motivated. Thanks for all the comments in the meantime and sorry I didn't answer most of them - they're certainly appreciated.

I've spent some time getting my hands into the guts of my Blog and tarting it up. I intend to make the site more active, and really make it my little corner of the interwebs. Please come along and have a squiz - I'm posting lots of stuff over there that doesn't migrate to DA. << TY's BLOG

(I currently don't have the Follower's widget up and running as it's conflicting with the lightbox image viewing scripts - anyone else found this? If you'd like to follow the site hit follow up in the Blog bar at the top of the page)

And hey - 30k views ... thanks guys! :D


This is truly heartbreaking, and inspiring.
A print arrived in the mail today - a deluxe sized version of Jeremy Geddes painting 'Heat Death' - signed and one of only fifteen in that size.…

Jeremy was kind enough to give it to me for free for some work I did on his old website - a site that's now been replaced with something far better, so I'm really coming out of this way ahead. So in recompense I'm advertising his skills right here.

Take a look, I guarantee you'll be amazed by both his obvious talent at oil painting, as well as his enigmatic vision. One of the finest oil painters I've seen.

Thanks Jeremy! :D
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I've spent Christmas Evening dancing with my daughters to Ultra Lounge Christmas tracks and then watching 30 Rock with the wife! Good times!

A big Merry Christmas to everyone who's visited, faved and left messages! Bless Ya!

Peace Out!
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Thanks to everyone who's swung by and checked out my work, it's actually a real incentive and totally appreciated. That DD certainly made a difference to my page views - it took roughly three years to get to 9k, and only a matter of months after to hit 20k. Normally I'd have painted something for the occassion, but you know how it is, always busy. In light of this I've decided not to take any more commissions until next year in order to have a break, recharge and work on the personal projects that never get seen to. That is, ofcourse, unless someone comes along with a super-cool project or a boot load of cash :)

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Sunday night a week ago I broke my leg clean below the ball of the upper left femur. It hurt like hell, enough that I felt totally incapacitated - it was if a massive hand had reached down and squeezed all breath out of me - besides initially trying to pull my pants down to look for what I imagined was a bone sticking out of my leg. After a while shock kicked in - my hands and teeth began to clatter and shake uncontrollably. Thank god my wife was there to help me. My daughter Sadie even gave me a few kisses as I lay on the floorboards of my lounge room in agony (Sabine was a little more frightened ... she stuck by her mum).

In a flash the paramedics arrived, shot me full of morphine and threw me in the back of Ambulance. I found myself in hospital cranked up on pethadine waiting 24 hours for a doctor to pin my bone back together. I've got to say that the Ambos and Emergency staff were brilliant and sympathetic. Surgery happened a few days later. They sliced open my thigh and bolted titanium pins to the two parts of my femur. I now have what could be described as the stitching of a football down one of my legs - staples, no less. I suggested they used adamantium pins and do both legs while they were down there, but to no avail.

Hospital sucks. I've had a real insight into the humility and pains of the infirm - I only have complete sympathy for those stuck within the hospital and medical systems. I never want to go back. Ever. That said I'm happy to say that private health insurance and the Australian Medicare system really worked for me. I'd hate to live in a country without healthcare, infact it scares me silly just to imagine it.

Eight days later of painful physio sessions, drug-addled conversations with friends and parents, monotonous evenings of cycling TV stations, horrifically pained nightimes of awkward sleeping and waking, a night full of the worst abdominial 'bowel cleansing' medicine you can imagine (or don't, please) during which I had to painfully limp my way to the bathroom over and over again without assistance and risk falling over again - I've finally come home to my beautiful wife (who's getting a medal for all the help and effort she's made to make me comfortable)and children. Now it seems like some bizarre dream, except that I'm still limping painfully around on crutches. What a bloody waste of time!

So how did I trip up? How did this useless painful setback begin?

I slipped up on one of my daughter's pink tutu dresses.

The doctors said it was an absolute fluke where I broke my leg ... something usually only reserved for old timers over the age of 90. Just my luck.
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I'm jumping outa my seat ... thanks for everyone's encouragement, I really appreciate it! I owe a jvgce and taenaron massive slap on the back for the recommendation! Also thanks to Mike Vaillancourt and the concept artists at cthulhutech for some awesome direction and material! Woot! Wonderful stuff! :D
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Busy, busy! lots of commissioned illustration work being done ... !
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I think I've worked out what's been happening lately. It's taken weeks of terrible artistic torment to see it. The kind of self torture that makes you twist in your sheets at night, and curse your blunted abilities. I've been afflicted with an inferno raging inside that's barely been able to be contained by my skin. You probably know what I'm talking about, and I think it's unique to artists. But it comes down to pure thumping, comsuming desire.

I've been really unhappy with my artwork recently, particularly when it comes to comic art. I've been making many attempts and failing as I flail about look for style and form - being influenced this way and that by the many great artists I see out there. I was getting really bummed out by it. Ripped up by all these powerful twisting desires. I wanted to explode from the inside out. Then it dawned on me - I was in the process of changing my art. Shifting from my old style to a new one - one where I was beginning to add the elements that I knew deep down were missing and yet I wasn't admitting it. Any metamorphosis is going to be painful and confusing, especially one that alters your identity. Like a guy lying on the ground screaming and changing into a werewolf as his body twists, splits and changes shape. It means taking a massive step backwards.

I think I'm on the right path now, although I havn't really begun to do what I need to get where I want. But at least I know it. I need to add a lot more character, composition and style to my artwork - as well has improving my knowledge of anatomy and movement. I know the artists who have it and am going to learn from them. It's a painful injection.


Oh, I've dusted off my blog at if anyone's interested - I'm posting almost every day, usually just sketches and smaller stuff that won't go up here.
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2 Weeks of holiday ahead, potentially one week for making some art, potentially a number of rpg book illos for the mix to get my arse in gear. I can't tell you how excited I am to get back to the wacom - it's always due to seeing the amazing deviations as they come in.

Thanks for the inspiration.

~ Merry Christmas out there! ~
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Wow, it's been a while since my last update ... the past few months seem like a lifetime as so much has happened ... only now that the dust is settling can I sit down and punch out a journal entry that otherwise would seem like a frivolous waste of time or an exhausting effort. It's eight weeks since our identicle twin girls Sadie and Sabine were born! I've had eight weeks off work to help look after the girls, and I havn't slept more then 3hrs straight in all that time. I've been at almost every feeding session with my wife, helping to attach two screaming mouths to her nipples. It's not as easy or natural as you'd think.

Sleep deprivation is a funny thing ... it's used as a form of torture to crack the minds of prisoners. One of the side effects is that you get really suggestible ... I found myself coming back from the shops with things I don't need simply because the shop attendant asked me if I'd like something else, or wanted a special deal. I went on a high-tech spending spree, and almost bought a thousand dollar phone before I suddenly realised that there was really no reason for it whatsoever. The emotional manipulation of TV manages to seep through my bullshit shield ... did I just almost cry watching that commercial?

Art wise there's almost nothing done ... just a lot of ideas. I'll be making special 'art times' in our routine otherwise I'm sure I'll never find the time again, especially as most of my personal artwork gets made after work hours. Thanks to everyone checking over my page, especially those dropping messages ... how I loves them!

As it's the end of the year I thought I'd make a few rants and scornful statements just because I'm usually so reserved... and now I'm a father ... :)

* by all means have a baby ... just don't be stupid enough to have two! (of course, for future note, I'm just kidding ... we're blessed to have two little sweat-peas!)
* If you hate people naming a teddy-bear after your prophet, you're a fanatical lunatic.
* The Apple iTouch is just too freaking cool. What a slick interface. WiFi is da futurz!
* Goodbye Mr Howard ... hello Kevin Rudd ... within days troops in Iraq are being withdrawn and the Kyoto protocol is ratified ... we're no longer the bitch of the USA! God save the Queen! Now all we've got to do is survive Union crap, interest rate hikes and pray we do something serious about climate control.
* Facebook is a real addiction ... I had to buy a new laptop to get my wife off my PC! She had 16 games of Scrabulous going simultaniously ... a CIA plot?

Anyhow, Merry Christmas and happy new year to all DA peeps!
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It's been a while, working hard as per usual ... but! ... I've found out I'm going to be the father of twins in November. Instant family of four ... As you can imagine I'm a little distracted :)

Thanks to all grabbing faves, leaving messages and posting great work ... sorry I always seem to be too busy to respond well, and quite frankly it's going to get worse when the twins come! I know this will be a massive shock to the system, but I couldn't be happier ... infact I don't think I've felt this good in ages.

Any advice out there for a new father?
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Other then that there's not much to report. Been working on a new web site for work, and starting an external DS project - so not enough time for painting and illustrating. The usual way. I've posted one of the illustrations completed over Christmas, although looking back at them now I don't think I'll post many of the others ... I had a cold goddamnit!

Apparently I was a featured artist in the digital illustration magazine called Imagine FX, sold in the UK. I havn't seen a copy, and probably never will ... I'm not sure it reaches our shores...

Ho! Looks like I just hit 1000 page views! Wheee!
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Christmas - fine and rosy, but boxing day brough on a cold that just wiped me out for my entire holdiays. Fancy working all winter and not getting sick, then come Summer and your break ... wiped out.

NYE - sick by myself (it was my choice), but I wore a party hat so everything was okay.

A busy time though - I was commissioned to do a pile of spot illustrations for a Warhammer rpg book. I enjoy that stuff, but my work is never the same when I'm full of snot for some reason. Lack of concentration I guess. Looking at them now I'm kinda disappointed, but that's life ... onto the next, yeah? When I've got permission I'll share them out anyhow.

Interesting Scraps - I hold onto all of my notepads from work, which I doodle all over during boring meetings. I'll start posting them up in Scraps so go check them out as a curiosity ... kinda looks like the work of a lunatic.

Birthday - depressingly old. Not quite too old to pass off for being a young hipster - on a good day. Hair dye helps! Hopefully I'll always look a few years younger then I actually am. Is this the thing that's depressing me? I don't think so, but is there a slight twinge of jelously? No, not quite David Bowie from the Hunger yet. Got lots of presents from wifey though! I'm spoiled rotten.

Work Work - getting back into the groove there, will be moved onto a PS2 / Wii project real soon so should be a heap of fun.

Conclusion - am suffering from typical artists depression (i'm hating my limited style), perhaps amplified by coming down from previous months of happiness (wedding, etc). Feel a strange darkness - it's a real hushed sensation like standing in a empty church - I really shouldn't have listened to Scott Walker's The Drift. Feeling black like night. Bitterness at quality of own work, yes. It seems so ... empty, shallow. Need to paint out this gulf. Going back to oils, yessum. Will paint out the blackness. Won't be concerned with with my usual blockages about technique. Want to throw paint around the room.

Thanks to everyone whos posted - it means so much!
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It's been a whiles since my last post but I have a real good excuse having just got married in Fiji last month. It's a pretty time consuming activity getting married - even when you're running to another country to do it! All I can say is that Fiji is a beautiful place to get married (despite current political coup issues) - I'm still dreaming of that tropical water - the most amazing colours I've ever seen. Midnight swims ... aaah.

I'm starting to work on a short comic written by buddy Jim Brown called 'The Fall', just a three pager that will be be submitted to Gestalt, and annually released Aussie comic. When i've got something solid I'll post it. It's pretty silly stuff!
It also turns out that I'll be headed off to GDC (Games Developer Conference) this coming March - whooo! This gives me the chance to catch up with some buddies who've holed up in San Francisco. It's gonna be large.

In the meantime I thought I'd post some older work up to fill the gap, and to make it look like I havn't slipped through the cracks - enjoy :)
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My man Danny told me to put some art up on devArt as a good method to get inspiration, and a little exposure. I've had terrible success as a blogger and concept.orger.

To quote;

"I also think your art's glugging because you're getting no feedback, the artist needs strangers' love for food!"

I think he might be right. So here it is. Fire away  :)