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Team Meeting

Illustration created for Shadowrun 20th anniversary edition. © 2005–2009 WizKids Inc.

Third Illustration for Shadowrun SR4A. Double page image.

This one's goes out to all the new visitors of late - especially the watchers - and my page views going over 15k! I really appreciate it. Never underestimate the encouragement you give just by having a look!

The image depicts a newly assembled shadowrun team meeting their fixer for the first time in person.

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© 2009 - 2021 tycarey
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holy shit Minotaur + Chimera
raben-aas's avatar
L O V E the troll. And the composition/situation. And the lighting. And. Well. Everything.

Lumus-Avatar's avatar
I love shadowrun. I really like the way you represent the metaraces. I have seen a lot of different artists work on this subject, and (without meaning any disrespect to other artists) I just find your imagining of trolls to most closely resemble how I see them.
Great job!
R-Tan's avatar
Excellent piece. Wanted to do one with the same exact concept. Adding you to watchers list.
LocustaVampa's avatar
I...LOVE Shadowrun. Well done.
shanyar's avatar
excellent work
ogrebear's avatar
Awesome piece!
7OutOf13's avatar
Such a good picture! I love it since I first saw it in the book.
Happy I found it on DA. ^^
Hope to see more of your work in SR publications!
tycarey's avatar
Thanks mate ... looking forward to doing more work for them too.
andrecastelo's avatar
Great work! I really like the lighting and the attention to detail.
tycarey's avatar
Lighting was definitely fun! :)
jvgce's avatar
it's looks like a alien & human gang meeting........very nice......:)
jeffreylai's avatar
oo very cool composition and use of lighting!
love the details in the characters faces
tycarey's avatar
Cheers jeff ... I love lighting design!
s-mcmurchy's avatar
nice work! Lots of Character within these figures.
TyrianRay's avatar
wow great lighteffects, the smoke looks so real

pretty cool as always ^^

nice details love the things you put on the table xD
tycarey's avatar
Thanks, the table things were fun ... you can't quite see it here but each of the cans/bottles/packets had their own logos :)
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