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Dragon Age: Ogre Fight

Illustration for the Dragon Age RPG rulebook [link]

Wanted more polish time, but breaking my leg and going to hospital kinda ruined that so I'm only partially happy with the outcome.

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Well, what does it look like when you're totally happy with the outcome !

I'm dying of epicness and talent ! This is amazing !

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HOLYCOW this is awesome!!! cheesus, all this detail you put in!! <3 <3 I sincerely hope someone somewhere pays you for this magnificence. This is awe-inspiring. 
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Love this piece! totally captures the feeling of DA
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Love Dragon Age. Love This. really nice work :) x
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Truly epic! :D The scenery is particularly gorgeous. :)
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can you tell me, how to draw ogres?

mine are always looking like ... crap.
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I love dragon age! This is awesome!Excite Excite
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Extraordinary scene!
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0.0 You're more monster drawing than that ogre
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This really captures the moment of you fighting a Ogre, Nice Work!
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WOW! You have a beautiful and impressive style!
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Charging ogre with a frigging waraxe!!!
am i the only one that it's confuse of the why did not bioware included that in the game?, did they just never came up with the subject or they did but they thought it was TOO awesome that the player's minds would explode?
anyway fantastic work gentleman!!!!!
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Amazing scene!!
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Love it, love it, Love IT!!!
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That is awesome 
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I've just started playing the Dragon Age RPG and thought this seemed eerily familiar in style...


How you could only be partially happy with this is beyond me. This is epic. Top score.

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