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San Fransokyo Damsels
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Poke-napper: Rainy days.
This story contains DiD, characters used except the Poke-napper (As of yet unnamed and undesigned OC of mine) Belong to Nintendo.
Somewhere deep in the forrests of the Hoenn region the rain was pouring down heavily, pokemon taking shelter under trees and shrubs, puddles forming in what felt like seconds.
Seated under the cover of his Breloom's cap and his own umbrella next to a tree, a man sat, completely still shivering from the cold. "S-Seriously... when is the t-target going to pass by here..." 
The man was an independant mercenary, taking jobs from anyone who would pay him, having been starved for work for weeks, he had to take the first and best offer he could get...
" Oh yes, she will pass by the forrest he said, will follow the main road he said.. well I've been stuck here for days and still no sign of any girl! " His Breloom used it's fist to punch him, knocking him out of rant mode. "Thank you..." 
Looking through the bu
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tybane1's Profile Picture
Just tybane
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Just like drawing and always appreciate comments, favorites and anybody that just stops by to check out our works.
I use Clip Studio Paint for drawing. My favorite characters are Agent Honeydew, Catwoman, Joanna Dark, Lara Croft, Carmelita Fox and Revy. My girlfriend Denise draws from time to time when she gets some time from her busy job, so some works are hers.

Ko-fi (2017) Icon by linux-rules
If you want to tip me for my work.

.:Bullet:. Patreon by FreakyEd where we will put exclusive stuff here and it will help me to work on comics I have in storage.

Here is my tumblr where I put my work there just in case.


Here is my pixiv just in case.…

Commission info (CLOSED)…

Title Glossary
CM- Shortened for commission name length
GR- Gift Request
R- Request
AR- Anonymous Request

Also if there are days that I don't upload, it is because that I'm giving time for people to catch up and not spam their inboxes.


Ada and Claire in red
Finished this a week ago after playing so much with the outfit swap mod that makes Claire wear Ada's dress. Ada Wong and Claire Redfield (Resident Evil 2 remake) sporting the same dress tied up somewhere.

Finally mastered Ada and really glad to get Claire drawn as her face is so likable.
Don't be sad Captain Maeko
The best memories about playing Mass Effect for me is the tight armor and Noveria since there is so much awesome stuff that happens there.

Captain Maeko Matsuo being tied up by Sergeant Kaira Stirling who is getting her ready for pick-up.

I have a Noveria comic in drafts of a scenario I wanted to do involving these two, really glad to have finish off this. :D
Close Up 01- Mother tied up in the basement
A little series I planned to do for awhile which involves DID scenes where the angle of the scene doesn't give enough detail to the character and give a close up.
I chose Mayumi Osaka with her (Crystal look) first since I love that scene because she is struggling and her outfit. 
Can't wait to start on the next close up. :D

I finally mastered drawing her detail so now I can start up on improving my WIP Sailor Moon stuff I put on hold. I also uploaded this on Pixiv which was pretty fun.
Bye 2018 and hello 2019! 2018 had alot of learning curves and milestones hit which was crazy and fun at the same time so thanks for everything. It's been going great so far as I had a fun birthday yesterday! Thanks again for all the birthday wishes! I'll be replying tomorrow to everyone as I just got back from a busy day of work today. :D (Big Grin)

   Plans for 2019
  • Improve on outfit types which include more fancier dresses, lingerie, ninja and scuba gear scenarios. 
  • Also going to be drawing in monsters and male characters (Not tied up) for scenarios.
  • Backgrounds that are fit to the scenarios I'm drawing.
   Line-art stuff
 Will be starting up on line-art rewards questions again this month so stay tuned and don't worry as I haven't forgotten about the ones I promised as I make a checklist for those things. Will probably upload alot of line-arts at some point out of the 859 one off DID stuff I have lying around.

Paypal commissions closed due to my Paypal getting suspended. Be sure to check out other artists as their are a ton that have alot of unique skills and variety than me.

   Requests, suggestions and art-trades
You can suggest or request ideas here but don't be over-demanding about it as I've seen enough of the same requests or ideas on other artist pages or works. Look at what I draw before you even think of an idea. Still working on art-trades but won't take anymore until I say I do.
(I don't think I'm high and mighty. Just saying from past experience when I was a lurker here years ago from artists telling me.)

Well that's it for now so tomorrow I'll upload a few works of one the best Mangas/Anime in my opinion. Hope you all are having a good 2019 so far as well.


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