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Titanides by Tyanite Titanides by Tyanite
The Six Original Titan women!
These are the first generation of Titans, the daughters of Gaia and Ouranos (Uranus). Aren't they so lovely?
They are, from left to right:
Rhea: The youngest of her sisters, the Queen during the Titan Reign. She is mother of the Olympians, by her brother and husband, Cronus. She gives infant Zeus to Gaia to protect him from Cronus.

Tethys: The oldest of her sisters, Tethys marries her brother Oceanus. Together, they are the parents of the Oceanides, including Metis, Amphitrite and Proteus. She remains neutral during the Titan War.

Theia: Wife of her brother Hyperion, she is the mother of Helios, Selene and Eos. She sided with the Titans during the War, along with her husband.

Themis: Unmarried Titaness, although some say she and her nephew Zeus had a fling. The tom-boy of the group, Themis mainly listened to her own instincts for what was right and wrong. She sided with the Titans during the War.

Pheobe: Wife of her brother, Coeus, she is the mother of Leto and Asteria, grandmother of Artemis, Apollo and Hecate. Artemis takes after Pheobe in appearances, earning her the name Pheobe Artemis. Apollo is called Pheobus as well. She and her husband sided with the Titans during the war.

Mnemosyne: Mother of the nine Muses, she is an absolute perfectionist and 'soccer mom.' She stayed neutral during the Titan War.
This picture is actually kinda old. I never got around to coloring it until much later, but I was too proud of how it turned out to give up on it! I may or may not do a version with the boys and some of the later generations of Titans. The guys are a little more complex, mainly because I only have an appearance planned for one of them, haha.

Goddess of War, Athena:[link]
Goddess of Hunt, Artemis:[link]
Goddess of the Harvest, Demeter:[link]
Goddess of the Home, Hestia:[link]
Goddess of Flowers, Persephone: [link]
Goddess of Beautty, Aphrodite: [link]
Queen Goddess, Hera:[link]

King of the Gods, Zeus:[link]
God of the Sun, Apollo:[link]
God of Wine, Dionysus:[link]
God of Messengers, Hermes:[link]
God of War, Ares:[link]
God of the Dead, Hades:[link]

The ladies of Fate:[link]
The sex-slave cup-bearer, Ganymede. [link]
And here is Twin lovers gods of Death and Sleep, Thanatos and Hypnos: [link]
Athenas mommy and Zeus' first love, Metis [link]
Prometheus, Titan of doing stupid things [link]
DIY Surgery Victim, Medusa [link]
Goddess of insecurities Youth, Hebe:[link]

Trojan porn Prince, Paris:[link]
Hectors Wife, Andromache:[link]
Achaean Hero, Prince Achilles:[link]
The Beautiful Boobs Helen: [link]
The Good Trojan Prince, Hector: [link]
Insane Prophetess, Cassandra:[link]
Achilles' War Prize, Briseis:[link]
What is even up with his hair, Helenus:[link]
The woman who breaks Dionysus' heart, Ariadne:[link]
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Jet556 Featured By Owner May 28, 2013
I'm impressed.
Flannellord Featured By Owner May 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
*snuggles with Tethys*
Tyanite Featured By Owner May 28, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Its sad that I have tried to keep the Gods haircolors at least semi-natural (Blonde, Brunette, Red, Black, etc) and then there is Tethys.
Flannellord Featured By Owner May 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, she does give birth to some unusual babies.
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