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Semele by Tyanite Semele by Tyanite
Dionysus' mother!
Semele is a Thebian princess whom Zeus fell in love with and swore he would do anything for her. Everything was fine and dandy until one day, Hera found out about Semele and turned up the bitch levels to maximum. Hera tricked Semele into forcing Zeus to let her hold his lightening bolts. Then there was no more Semele. Whoops. Luckily, Zeus was able to save the infant Dionysus with a little ambrosia. Bouncing baby god of wine indeed.
I love Semele. She is one of the three great loves of Zeus' life, and most definitely was the greatest threat to Hera. But shes also super sassy. Semele figured Zeus out pretty quickly and had him in the palm of her hand instantly. She is pretty kickass.

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