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Achilles by Tyanite Achilles by Tyanite
Hero of the Illiad and the Trojan War, Achilles!
Son of a goddess, Thetis, and the human Peleus, Achilles quickly rose in fame and ability. His fighting with Agamemnon caused the Achaean forces to nearly loose the Trojan War. His son, Pyrrhus, was the mastermind behind the ending of the war with Troy.
While he may be a BIT of an emo kid, I actually adore Achilles. He thinks with his heart mainly, and his instincts. He doesn't necessarily listen to reason or think things through very well. On its own, that can be a destructive and terrible force--especially when he is the strongest of the Achaeans. But luckily, his husband Patroclus is the mind for the might.
Patroclus will probably not get a profile picture because he isn't that pretty.
Achilles and Patroclus are among my favorite pairings in Greek Mythology...It tends to flip around a lot, but I would venture to say they are even my favorites.

Goddess of War, Athena:[link]
Goddess of Hunt, Artemis:[link]
Goddess of the Harvest, Demeter:[link]
Goddess of the Home, Hestia:[link]
Goddess of Flowers, Persephone: [link]
Goddess of Beautty, Aphrodite: [link]
Queen Goddess, Hera:[link]

King of the Gods, Zeus:[link]
God of the Sun, Apollo:[link]
God of Wine, Dionysus:[link]
God of Messengers, Hermes:[link]
God of War, Ares:[link]
God of the Dead, Hades:[link]

There is also the ladies of Fate:[link]
and the sex-slave cup-bearer, Ganymede. [link]
And here is Twin lovers gods of Death and Sleep, Thanatos and Hypnos: [link]
Athenas mommy and Zeus' first love, Metis [link]
Prometheus, Titan of doing stupid things [link]
DIY Surgery Victim, Medusa [link]
Trojan porn Prince, Paris:[link]
Hectors Wife, Andromache:[link]
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