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Tag, Commiss done

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 28, 2009, 10:43 PM

Commission done! All slots now open! Bagi yang tinggal di Indonesia bisa bayar transfer via Mandiri sekarang :D

See more info about Commission

*back to work*

I stole this from Edil23

1) Full name:

2) Male/Female:

3) Were you named after anyone?
Well... basically, my name is such an acronime.

4) Does your name mean anything?

5) Nickname(s):
Sita, Tya... My highschool teacher called me Risti...

6) What do you think you look like?
I won't tell you...

7) Date of birth:
Oct 21, 1989

8) Place of birth, and current location:
Birthplace: A hospital in Surabaya
Location: Surabaya, Indonesia

9) Nationality:
Indonesian... If you don't know where it is, open your world map...

10) Astrology sign:

11) Chinese astrology sign:
Snake... sssssshhhhh.....

12) Religion:
Proud to be a Moslem woman

13) What's your favorite smell?
Grass smells while it's raining

14) Political position:
Absolutely anti-politic

15) What do you prefer to drink in the morning?
Milk with honey

16) Hair + eye color:
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black

17) Do you look like anyone famous?

18) What do you look like?
I won't tell...

19) Any unusual talents?
I could sleep anytime, anywhere, at any situation

20) Righty, lefty, or ambidextrous?
Ambidexter. I write and draw with my right hand, and use left hand to do something like cleaning, sweeping... such that works... But I write with left hand as good as my right hand...

21) Gay, straight, bisexual, or other?

22) What do you do for a living?

23) What do you do for fun?
Reading books, watching TV, play internets, and at the most: Drawing ^^

24) What are your favorite art materials to work with?
Pencil, poster colors, 3D, Photoshop... But I'm obsessed with water colors lately...

25) What kind of materials would you like to work with?

26) Have you met your grandparents?
Often... Only my grandmoms because my grandfathers all died years ago

27) Someone special?
My mom :heart:

28) Crush(es):
Uhh... yes...

29) What celebrity would you date if you could?
Hmm... Orlando Bloom? :giggle:

30) Current worries:
If the world ends at 2012...

31) Favorite online guy/girl(s):

32) Favorite place to be?
Home sweet home :heart:

33) Least favorite place to be?
Cemetery, at the midnight... :faint:

34) Do you burn or tan?
Naturally tan. I'm proud with my black skin :3

35) Ever break a bone?

36) What is your favorite cereal?
I don't eat cereals...

37) Person you cry with:

38) Any sisters?

39) Any brothers?
One biological brother and one step brother...

40) Any pets?

41) An illness?
Flu and headache are my daily illness...

42) A pager?
Erw... In what age do you live?

43) A personal phone line?

44) A cell phone?
Nokia 6600...

45) A visible birthmark?
I won't tell... :giggle:

46) A pool or hot tub?
Hot tub~ <3

47) A car?

Describe your...

48) Personality:
Crazy loudmouth, bad temperament, sensitive... And I'm so scary when I mad...

49) Driving:
Can't drive...

50) Your clothing style:
T-shirts, jeans... But I could dress like a princess because my dad seems doesn't like when I dress like a tomboy-ish girl...

51) Room:
Totally mass destruction :lol: It's kinda wide but full of storages, papers, etc...

52) What's missing:
My 8GB USB... *sniffs*

53) School:
An university called Ten November Institute of Technique (Institut Teknologi Sepuluh November/ITS). I study at Industrial Product Design, at Visual Communication Design.

54) Bed:
One and full of papers. (I don't use it for sleep...)

55) Relationship with your parent(s):
I love my mom but still keeps an 'old-grudge' with my dad. I often argued with my mom, but I know that she does that because she loves me...

56) Do you believe in yourself?
Yes ^^

57) Do you believe in love at first sight?

58) Do you consider yourself a good listener?

59) Do you have a future dream that you would like to share?
I want to live in peace...

60) Get Along with your parents:

61) Do you save your e-mail conversations?
I don't know how to do that...

62) Do you pray?
God yes! I already suffered in world, and I don't want to suffer in hell!!

63) Do you believe in reincarnation?

64) Do you brush your teeth twice a day?
Yes, but I have some holes on my teeth. A side-effect of chocolate, I think...

65) Do you like to talk on the phone?

66) Like to eat?
I don't like spicy foods...

67) Like to exercise?
I like to walk and swim. Unfortunately, I don't have much time to do that. And when there's some time, I can't do it (due to that they called 'monthly schedule' for female)

68) Like to watch sports?

69) Sing in the car?

70) Can you describe a dream that you have all the time?
I really wants to be a famous comic artist <3

71) Do you dream in color?
Usually black-and-white...

72) Do you have nightmares?
Not so often...

73) Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?

74) Right next to you:

75) On your favorite coffee cup:
I don't drink coffee.

76) On your mouse pad:
No mouse pad here, agree with Huoryu's answer...

77) Your favorite flavor of gum:
I hate gum, they're bad for your teeth.

78) Your brand of deodorant:
I don't use deodorant. See? I'm such an ignorant tomboy-ish girl...

79) Your dream honeymoon spot:
Kiruna, someplace in Europe if I correct... And I would like to go to Makkah too <3

80) Your dream husband/wife:
Uhh... Actually, recently, I have no interest to marry...

81) Hiding in your closet:
Some missing things that my family search for everytime, probably? :giggle:

82) Under your bed:
Nothing but dust...

83) The name of one of your closest/best friends:
I don't have someone that could be categorized as 'best friend'. They usually gone as the time goes by...

84) Your bad time of the day:
Afternoon, when my little brother play his drum...

85) Your worst fear(s):
If my mom's dead... And If the end of the world is already soon...

86) What's the weather like?
It's kinda cloudy. I bet there would be rain in a next few hours...

87) Your favorite time of year?
When the Royal Poinciana blooms <3

88) Your favorite holiday?
Ied-al-Fitr! <3

89) A material weakness:
Jewelry... I couldn't resist to buy shiny jewelries... especially if it has some beautiful gems...

90) The weirdest food or drink that you like:
Martabak with soy sauce... (martabak is such an Indonesian food, made from eggs, veggies, and somewhat I don't know... Like a fried pizza...)

91) At the top of your "to-do list":
Finish my commish, and some contest-thingey...

92) The hardest thing about growing up:
I believe that my growing-up session in my life was the hardest thing I ever do. My parents divorced and I had some personality-crisis that not everyone understand to... I was really badass on my middle school, hit everyone that insults my family condition. Fortunately, God give someone to guide me (it's lishtar if you wanna know...)

93) A pet peeve:
I'm totally hate every couples that use the 'This is the best way' reason to divorce. Damn... don't they think for their kids? And I hate politicians too... srsly...

94) Your scariest moment:
At our last vacation, our family's car was nearly hit a bus... I thought that my life would end at the moment...

95) Your attitude about love:
I probably don't care about it so much... I have someone that I love and loved me instead, but basically I don't care too much...

96) The funniest or most desperate thing you've done to get the attention of the opposite sex:
Flirts to every single beautiful girls like prince charming... OMG, can't you STOP that??

97) The worst feeling in the world:
That the justice is not exist anymore...

98) The best feeling in the world:
Do what people can't do.

99) Who sent this to you?
Edil23 (basically, I stole it...)

100) 20 people you tag:

Things to do

:bulletred: Contest entry for izka197 (progress: linearting)
:bulletred: Contest entry for 6elfwitch9
:bulletred: Finish my OCBZ brawls against Edil23 (progress: working on page 7-10)
:bulletred: Art trade with CodenameParanormal
:bulletred: Seventh Heaven character introduction (4 to go)

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Journal Entry: Mon Jan 19, 2009, 1:04 AM


Okay, I'm just screaming ^^; Ignore me...

Anyway, is there someone here who watch Samurai 7? Or maybe Last Exile?


Okay, forget the previous silly randomizer ^^;

The next 24-25-26 January, I probably will go for vacation. That's my semester holiday, and my dad invite me to go to Jakarta--to meet my 'other family'. Unfortunately, my uncle also invite me to go to Malang T____T I'm really confused, which one I should choose...

Fyi, Jakarta is just the same with my city, Surabaya... Skycrapper buildings, traffic jam, pollution... *sigh* Compared with Malang, that's just tottaly the opposite! Malang is full of greeny sceneries, fresh air... I really want to go to Malang, but if I refuse to go to Jakarta, probably my 'other family' will angry...

Dunno... maybe I'll just go to the nearest game centre... :iconotlplz: What a pathetic holiday...

And probably I wouldn't enter The Highway... Lets see if I could finish the audition pages. I already set the plot, anyway, but I doubt that would work with my busy upcoming semester...

-EDIT 2-

My, I just feels that God is exist. Last night, I work for my History of Graphic Design assignment, from 8 p.m. to 11 a.m.--with about 3 hours sleeps... I'm totally tired, hungry, stink, drained... But when it done, I ran downward and found some delicious meals prepared by my mom...

I won't tell you how that could make me thanked that God is exist. No.

I will tell you that I thanked to God, that when I feels hungry, there's food preserved, and when I feels tired, I have a warm and nice bed without any fear that my house will be blown by bombs.

-EDIT 3-

Sorry for A-Fire-Within... I never had a mind that your commish will take too long time T____T

Things to do

:bulletred: Finish my OCBZ brawls against Edil23 (progress: working on page 7-10)
:bulletred: OCBZ Character sheet+Audition pages
:bulletred: Art trade with CodenameParanormal
:bulletred: Commish for A-Fire-Within (progress: coloring)
:bulletred: Seventh Heaven character introduction (4 to go)
:bulletred: Contest entry for izka197 (progress: sketching)

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Exams Done!! What Do U Think About Gaza?

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 13, 2009, 9:10 PM

Hi there... Sorry for disturbing your inbox (again) :XD:

My final exam is over!! Wayyy~~~~ :dance: I think I failed for photograph assignment... :iconotlplz: Next, I'll do A-Fire-Within's commission. :aww:

Anyway, I read about siege of Gaza almost everyday, either on newspaper or on TV. Whenever I see children killed or injured or lost their parent, I just feels so bad. The same thing happens too whenever I see women cries when they lost their children... I feels that my heart ripped off. Only my mom and my lackness of money that could hold me to not to fly to Gaza right away... ^^;

I just wanna know your thought about the siege of Gaza. I know it's a sensitive topic and everyone might be have the different point of view. But it's just okay...

Things to do

:bulletred: Finish my OCBZ brawls against Edil23 (progress: working on page 7-10)
:bulletred: Photography assignment (done)
:bulletred: History of Design assignment (done, but I should make the revision)
:bulletred: Commish for Lady-Symphonia (done)
:bulletred: Commish for A-Fire-Within (progress: sketching)
:bulletred: Seventh Heaven character introduction (4 to go)
:bulletred: Contest entry for izka197

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The 2nd edition of 100 Anime/Manga Feature :#1: This feature comes from Manga/Anime Thumbshare

Feel free to check :aww:

:thumb105383439: :thumb102895389: + Modern Angel + by ToxicOxygen + Autumn Centaur + by ToxicOxygen Terra- Fastest on the Water by BlueStormGeo SPIN by BlueStormGeo Stopani: Twin Carmen. by GrandZebulon BiggerIDlol by Lolip Japan, Manga and Keche by Tiffany-Mitsukai Joella by nikkaroo Azuria by Nate-da Surely You Jest, Cleric. by AvenueCloudeh

Mature Content

Soi Fon....Cherry by anmhm2090
:thumb107257349: :thumb105117768: :thumb100129877: Tsukihime - Raging Demon by claieth AT - Frosty Doll by claieth .hack G.U. - Angel's Smile by claieth :thumb105068259: :thumb98252434: :thumb98923594: :thumb104009700: Lee Lae-Lynn by nikkaroo Serenity Trident by nikkaroo Army woman -testing- by VorcanKun Santa Millie by jorgehcampos Tsubame on scooter by jorgehcampos Ready to the school by jorgehcampos +SORROW+ by samusaran99 Butterfly. by samusaran99 :thumb106705220: :thumb105526784: :thumb99590248: RRRRAAAAAAAWWWWWWHHHHHHHH by Ry-Spirit +Only Hope+ by Morigalaxy Angel of Mercy by Morigalaxy Calling me by Morigalaxy Bobby in Wonderland by ricepuppet :thumb106814096: :thumb105927803: SEPHIROTH by Cookie-master Me by Cookie-master Merry Christmas by Cookie-master :thumb107394993: :thumb107177068: First Love by anuhesut Hwang Jin-I by anuhesut Cell 15 - Welcome Back by Otacon144 +strangers by LouisDelacroix falling upwards turvy topsy by LouisDelacroix have a merry kinky xxx'mas by LouisDelacroix :thumb107329576: :thumb106128728: :thumb106527294: magus by noble-phantasm arctic fox girl by noble-phantasm Uzimaki Naruto by Calumba Keeping Watch Over Them by Bethany-sensei Outside In: ch2 title page by Bethany-sensei Rollercoaster by essieqiu :thumb107340346: :thumb107414724: :thumb107514930: Mayk by SlumberPoppy BEYBLADE-Kyodai by SlumberPoppy BEYBLADE-Flirt by SlumberPoppy BEYBLADE-Kira Kira by SlumberPoppy Rain of Blood by lilbit075 Greed by lilbit075 u n s p o k e n l o v e by f-lyts :thumb107371532: :thumb73411287: Merchant by tomcorrea Wings by Cookie-master :thumb107158084: :thumb107054766: :thumb107164181: .:Christina - C.M.E:. by elvi-92 Demure woman sitting- enhanced by soulblade35 Yachiru's Shikai 1st form by grandchaosSR Love Hina X-mas Special by grandchaosSR Costume Party Brawl by grandchaosSR :thumb77870267: :thumb77870267: :thumb105275423: :thumb108197852: :thumb108298958: :thumb108478420: :thumb108478066: Serafina Rayne by meiken A Pirate and her Parrot by meiken Detailed Color Commission by meiken Persephone by meiken Commission- Irma Langinstein by Thesis-D :thumb108401016:


Self Promotion (Narcissm time!!) :XD:

Lord's Outfit by TyaKo-and-Apple Happy New Year by TyaKo-and-Apple I Am The Death by TyaKo-and-Apple
This time, I want to share you some lovely unseen manga/anime artists. Give them your love :clap: :clap:

First... :iconarcsen: Arcsen

He (yes, it's him) draw in unique concept and beautifully executed. He did it with watercolor! :excited:

Nice to meet you by Arcsen Our Future by Arcsen 4 a while by Arcsen Who are you? by Arcsen

And then :iconblok-blok: blok-blok

She (or he...) draw in very cute style with soft coloring technique.

:thumb99092988: :thumb104830572: :thumb95728176: :thumb86843670:

And the last is :iconcloverdoe: CloverDoe

Another traditional artist with sexy boys~~~ :heart: :heart: :heart: I just can't believed she doesn't get much attention :excited:

:thumb99877730: :thumb97398350: :thumb99878228:

Thank You for my Watchers!!!

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 27, 2008, 11:14 PM

Huzzah... How are you, guys? New year is upcoming in 3 days :dance: Have any plan to spend your new year's day?

I haven't any... :iconotlplz:

First... I'm gonna give you this new year's gift :heart: Happy New Year by TyaKo-and-Apple  Feel free to check and buy :icongrin--plz: Thank you for all of my watcher, for being at my side and keep giving your critics. Thanks for :iconmakananjugaseni: who stand by my side from the first time. Thanks for my beloved little brother :iconedil23: who--even if we separated by the ocean--always bring me your support and cheers me. Thanks for :iconlaverinne: who always answer my question about water-color and scanning technique :p Thanks for :iconcareless-kitty: who always fave my works even if I didn't notice her ( how cruel me... :stupidme: ) Thanks for :iconciphz: who keep patience when I starts to whine. And sooooooooooo many thanks for all of my watcher!! I'm gonna eat you~~~~~~

:icongwomp: :icongwomp: :icongwomp: :icongwomp: :icongwomp: :icongwomp: :icongwomp: :icongwomp: :icongwomp: :icongwomp:

Also thanks for my boyfriend... Udah ga usah... aku mo nabung dewe kok...

See yaaaaa~~~~ :icongwomp: :icongwomp: :icongwomp: :icongwomp:

PS: Don't forget to check my commission... They're cheap!!! $$$___$$$

Things to do

:bulletred: Finish my OCBZ brawls against Edil23 (progress 50%)
:bulletred: Photography assignment

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Celebrate our first 100 Manga/Anime Features :#1: These beautiful manga/anime deviation came from Manga/Anime Thumbshare I created 2 days ago. Here we go! :#1:

Sleepless Kazumi by inmc Maya by inmc :thumb100621999: Fun on the Sand by Benit149 Kagami by darue Waiting by darue Masuta Suparuku by darue Stopani: Beach Panic 03. by GrandZebulon The Adversary by shininginthedarkness White Winged Reaper by shininginthedarkness :thumb105986786: :thumb105896142: Dare To Resist by Ryukotsusei The Return of the Knights by Tenshi-1 Shadow Kinght colored by Tenshi-1 Pull your head out by Tobogi Smoking is bad by Tobogi :thumb105907411: :thumb95819658: Orange Sherbert by Pandemoniumswings the prince by kika1983 fairylein by vicber One is missing... by lona-green-butterfly :thumb106670419: Candy girl by bugalug17 :thumb106794269: Death note L by baghora0 Battle by dark-djibril :thumb93376765: Brown Portrait by kupi :thumb90863056: :thumb103332141: :thumb103988654: :thumb89745346: :thumb100472964: :thumb100211436: clover by konsensya :thumb104754233: :thumb106775188: :thumb105348695: Chi's Little Secret by CandyKins midori neko by lona-green-butterfly Lolly Love by lona-green-butterfly Golf - Green by lona-green-butterfly Night Watch by kupi Pink Lady by kupi Etsuya: Mage of Night by querulousArtisan Kenshin the... FoMar? by querulousArtisan Misa Amane by querulousArtisan WEwY: Shiki by querulousArtisan Toxic Candy by querulousArtisan H o u k i b o s h i by llifi-kei FFVI bookmarks: Part I by llifi-kei Beatrix for Silence- by llifi-kei A shinai in my garden by llifi-kei Ode to Fair Weather by Vasilisa-Uzhasnaja :thumb103887148: :thumb98475023: :thumb106608931: :thumb95723428: :thumb61976968: :thumb84008580: :thumb106643979: Japan Club iPod Design by sayokim Merry Christmas :D by sayokim :thumb105180162: :thumb103430174: :thumb104706958: :thumb102875757: LingxRanFan: Broken by MaverickKay Scarlet by MaverickKay Bishoujo Senshi by Prince-exude :thumb105852580: :thumb90413824: :thumb96892125: LO: SerenadexDarcy by LuluLi LO: Boy Meets Girl by LuluLi :thumb107116600: Stealer of hearts: Tyki Mikk by Desertfire Zodiac Destiny Moons by delicateporcelain Zodiac Soliel Desire by delicateporcelain In the sky dance Innocence by Winniekiller The demon and the moon by Winniekiller Crazy Apple by Winniekiller :thumb107149554: :thumb94235428: :thumb101465599: :thumb106575998: :thumb98361068:


Self Promotion (Narcissm time!!) :XD:

Odelia +Fairy Tales version+ by TyaKo-and-Apple Lyudmilla by TyaKo-and-Apple Do Not Disturb by TyaKo-and-Apple

Sorry, my english is bad... :iconotlplz:

Lineart Commission, Help me!! D: +Inbox Explodes..

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 21, 2008, 6:50 PM

New semester will coming soon, and I must finish the payment before it starts... I planned to pay my school payment by myself, but I'm broke now :crying:

Pleaseeee~~~ Would you like to help me? I will accept lineart commission of your OCs with $2 for each pics... There will be 10 slots per month... I accept payment via paypal. Note me what you want me to draw, and I'll add you to the list and tell you my paypal account. See my commission journal for further info...

Also, you can buy my prints if you want...

I'm waiting for your kindness :pray:

Lineart Commission Slots

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2. (empty)
3. (empty)
4. (empty)
5. (empty)
6. (empty)
7. (empty)
8. (empty)
9. (empty)
10. (empty)


I just opened my inbox and seems that's going to explodes... :/ I received a bunch of replies cames for my Manga/Anime Thumbshare. I would never expect that starts a new forum thread would make your inbox explodes... :|

Things to do

:bulletred: Finish my OCBZ brawls against Edil23 (progress 50%)
:bulletred: Photography assignment

Watchers & Friends Feature

I'll feature 9 deviation from my watchers and my friends per week. Enjoy~ :blowkiss:

:sun: Drawing: :sun:

HIGH LORD by transbonja Paper Dragon by ex-m Oldman and The Kid by ericbdg