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Greetings loyal subjects~

My fanfic will be featuring TyZula once I reach that point. Hints have already been dropped of course for the curious...

Hi friends!

Please, don't forget this masterpiece from YoYoWarrior (love this awesome person) in fanfiction.net
"White Cherry Woman" (2010)
⚡ One of the best! ⚡
Now, go in peace! ✨


So sorry to see this page die
It's not dead, I've just been busy with work and we haven't been getting many submissions lately.  With the lack of fandom interest, I haven't had the heart to put any effort into running events, either. [shrugs]
Makes sense. to bad though.
I support the idea that Azula was secretly in love with ty, even if she didn't know it herself, but I don't believe it was mutual, so I like the fan art, but I'd like to see some art that actually reflects that idea. I don't think ty would be remotely happy in a ship with azula. lol