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Commissions are now closed while I work on the ones I have. If we have already been speaking regarding commissions but haven't finalized the deal, you're considered to be on that list so continue to correspond with me.

However, if you want an Avengers related commission, feel free to note me.

I'm thinking of taking a few commissions while I still have the urge to draw. (You never know when my creativity is suddenly going to drop out. Might as well take advantage while I can.) You can see in my gallery what fandoms I'm most comfortable with. I have had people commission me for fandoms I've never done before and I give it my best shot. I am always okay with OCs and OC x canon pairing pics. (In fact, I kinda love doing the OC x canon pairing pics.)

Here's a rough estimate of what my prices are. They have not gone up in years and I think they are extremely reasonable.
Commission Price List by Ty-Chou

Please keep in mind anything related to Transformers will be $5-$10 more because the designs are very complex and they take much longer to do. If it's in TF Prime style, I may straight up say no thanks because the designs are such a pain in the ass. You guys know I'm a G1 girl. I'm better at drawing those designs anyway.

If you're interested, please send me a note with what you are looking for in the commission. I will send you a price quote and if you agree, we can go from there. I take paypal only. I do not do point commissions.

I am more than happy to work with your budget if there's only so much money you would like to spend. I also will not be offended if you see the price and change your mind about the commission. Please feel free to talk to me and ask questions. I do not mind discussing pricing.
Every time I get a new person watching me, I always check out their gallery and their favorites. There are times when I won't find anything in either place that is related to the kind of content I draw. Not that that's a problem. Please, anyone who wants to watch me, come watch me. I'm happy to have you all.

But I can't help but wonder. I just want to send them a PM like *whisper* "Um, hey... so we have different interests it seems. What in my gallery did you see that made you want to watch me? I'm just curious." But being that nosy will probably then get me an un-watch. LOL

Anyone want to share with me why they put me on watch? It will probably make me go visit your gallery and favorites again. ;)
Tomorrow, August 21st, is Fanfic Writer Appreciation Day. I just found out this was a thing and that it's tomorrow. Coincidentally, I have been thinking lately I feel like readers in general don't leave comments on fics as much as they used to. I don't know if that's true or not, but here are some things you can do tomorrow to celebrate this day:

*Send a note to a favorite author about how much you enjoy their stories.

*Leave an encouraging comment on the fanfic you are currently reading.

*Make a post listing some of your favorite fics for others to check out.

*Just make some time to read some fics. (I miss having time to read fanfiction.)

*If nothing else, work on some fics of your own to indulge your own writer.

Happy Fanfic Writer Appreciation Day!
As those who watch my FF.Net account have noticed, I am still posting fanfiction on the regular. Since December, I have been working on my writing habits and have been putting select fics on rotation to be updated. This procedure has been going pretty well. What I am going to attempt to do is post monthly goals so people can see what fics are scheduled to be updated in the near future.

Currently, I post those goals on my tumblr:

I don't know if you guys want those goals posted on here, too, or not. But of course, the best way to  know about updates is to watch my FF.NET account, or at least your favorite stories.…
So they finally released character designs of the new Rise of the TMNT cartoon coming out sometime this year. My opinions of the character designs and the changes are kind of resistant and hesitant, but at the same time, I remember when everyone raised a stink when they released the designs for the previous CG TMNT show. Splinter looked SO different, and how DARE they give the turtles three toes?!

So I'm definitely going to wait and see how these character designs look in motion and how all these changes (like Raph being the leader and everyone having magic weapons) work for the story.

Here's a link where you can find the designs and some information. What do you guys think about it?…
Continuing the fanfiction dump from December. I still have plenty that needs to be posted. I just have not had any time to sit down and finalize and format as much as I had hoped to. So they're coming out a little slow. But I'll get to all of it eventually.

Here's what I've posted and I will continue to update as I add stuff.

Mantra (Swat Kats One-shot) First fanfic posted of 2018!…

Rising Generations Chapter 29 (Transformers)…

Urban Legend: The Sequel Chapter 1 (Ronin Warriors)…
Guys, I had an idea. I don't know if it's a good idea, but it is happening.

I have been very quiet this year with all my personal stuff going on, and so many of you have been supportive anyway. As a Christmas present to all you guys, I'm going to start dumping out a bunch of fanfiction trash that has been sitting on my computer just festering for years. I write a LOT. Not everything I write gets posted online. Now, some of that crap is getting posted online.

I don't know how long I'll be posting stuff. I don't know what all is coming out right now. Some of it may be updates to old fics. Some of it may be brand new titles. I don't know. I'm still deciding what's coming out and what projects/chapters I'm going to scramble to finish for this fiasco.

So, enjoy the ride, people. I am going to keep a list on here so you are aware of what's out. Currently, the project for now is reloading an edited and extended version of my Transformers fic Small Problems. Back in 2013, I edited it and added a BONUS CHAPTER. Then I sat on it for years. All of that is coming out.

Merry Christmas!

Posted Dec 10 - Small Problems (Transformers fic) chapter 1 - edited and updated:…
Dec 11 - Small Problems Chapter 2…
Dec 12 - Small Problems Chapter 3…
Dec 13 - Small Problems Chapter 4…
Dec 14 - Small Problems Chapter 5 Part 1…
Dec 15 - Small Problems Chapter 5 Part 2…
Dec 16 - Small Problems Chapter 6…
Dec 17 - Small Problems Chapter 7 (Bonus Chapter!)…
Dec 18 - Small Problems Chapter 8…
Dec 19 - Small Problems EXTRA:…

And that will conclude then entire updating of Small Problems with not one, but TWO bonus chapters. Feel free to leave feedback. I love hearing from people.

Starting tomorrow, I'll be moving to another story. I will post for a few days and then I'm going to be out of town all weekend for the Christmas holiday. When I come back, I will post some more. I will pretty much be posting stuff until I have nothing else left to share. I don't know how much that is. I guess we will see.

Dec 20 - Could not get into The log in page seemed to be down.
Dec 21 - When Leo Met Mona (TMNT) Chapter 1:…
Dec 22 - When Leo Met Mona Chapter 2:…

I greatly over estimated how much free time I would have between Christmas and new years. Here are my last dumps of 2017.

Dec 30- When Leo Met Mona Chapter 3:…
Dec 31 - When Leo Met Mona Chapter 4:…
First of all, thanks to everyone who sent me birthday wishes a few days ago. I am very behind. October is my busiest month. I have hardly even been online lately. Your thoughts and well-wishes are appreciated.

I have been very quiet here on DA this year. I have hardly posted anything at all for 2017. This is largely due to my new job (which is a job I enjoy and am very grateful for) and my sudden relapse of my extremely intense anxiety disorder because of the stress brought on by said job and relocating back to the city.

Basically, you have seen very little of me because I feel like shit all day every day and it is extremely difficult to sit down at a computer at home when I have been working in a cubicle at a computer all day for my job.

That being said, I am getting better and I am slowly able to work more on my computer at home and do the dorky fandom things I love to do. This is, unfortunately, a very long process to get back to where I was before and it takes a lot of work on my part. I am doing my best and in the meantime, I have really appreciated those who remember I still exist despite the fact that I've been pretty much silent here. I hope in the months to come I will continue to get better little by little and you will start seeing more from me.

Thanks everyone!

Hey guys, just a reminder, if you plan on participating in the zine, please e-mail me at I need numbers by the end of September.

I am trying to get an estimate of how many people plan to participate. So far, the numbers have been very low. If I can’t get a good number of people to participate (I’m estimating around 20 or so) then I don’t think it will be worth the effort to put something together for publishing.

We still could have some kind of community event, but probably something a little less high maintenance than a published book. So if you were planning on participating, definitely let me know and let me know what you were planning on submitting.

So this is a project I wasn't expecting to organize, but I guess I'm running it now. And it will probably take up a lot of my time for the next handful of months.

If you are a fan of Ronin Warriors/Samurai Troopers and you are an artist or writer and want to participate in a fanzine, check out the information here:…

Our deadline is the end of January.

By the end of September, we are wanting participants to send us a list of what they intend on submitting so we can get an estimated page count. You can do that by e-mailing the project here:
You guys haven't really heard or seen much of me since December. Largely this is because in January I had the opportunity to apply for a really nice job back in the city working in accounting. This process, however, took a very long going through multiple interviews and trying to find a new place to live. I have been stressed out for a few months now.

Unfortunately, this played havoc in my anxiety disorder. I've been working at this place for a month now. I really like it and it pays me enough to get by.  However, I have been having problems getting my anxiety and panic attacks under control. It is slowly getting better as I get used to my new schedule and environments. But it will still take time for me to feel good enough to start churning out content on the regular again.

So, I'm still around, I just haven't been feeling up to drawing for a while and I just fiddle with writing. Hopefully, with good weather and me getting used to everything, that will change soon and I will be more productive. *crosses fingers*
So I checked my main page today and Now you can see 4 pics from my gallery instead of 2. I guess enough people complained that they changed it back. I'm glad it seems they do listen to their members when they do something the community doesn't like. Thanks, DA!
So I get onto my gallery today and I see the format of my main page has changed. Instead of showing the 4 most recent pictures in my gallery, it now only shows 2. And now shows 6 favorites instead of... was it 4? I feel like it's showing more favorites now.

So, to sum up, on MY main page, I am forced to show you more of my favorites than my actual work. And if I want that to change, I have to pay for a Core membership. Because screw you members who have been with us for *checks* 11 years.

Have I interpreted this situation correctly?
Feeling a little drained artistically and my computer is kind of on its last legs. I'm afraid it might break down on me and I certainly don't want it to break during a paid commission. Hopefully I'll be getting a new one sometime within the next few months.

I might make a few more plush Grimlocks, though, if I can get a hold of more gray fabric soon.
Since I'm all caught up on commissions, the part of me that enjoys writing instruction booklets (apparently I have this side of me) is going to do a step by step of my commission process. This will insure we communicate QUICKLY and you receive your new commission as soon as possible. I pride myself on very short wait times (usually one to two weeks) when people commission me.

Step 1. You want to commission me. The very first step is to message me with a DETAILED description of what you want. This includes all references to OCs or even canon characters if you haven't seen me draw them before. Some people treat their commission requests like they're holding state secrets and I have to practically drag the information I need out of them. Give me the info so I know how much work will go into the commission and how much to charge you!

I promise I will never be rude or dismissive of what you are asking for. If you end up asking for something that I feel my skills cannot offer (for example, I cannot draw cars so I won't be taking commissions on drawing vehicles) I will politely decline. Do not be afraid to be upfront with all the information. I will always be polite and professional about discussing what you are looking for.

Step 2. Once I have all the information I need, I will offer a quote for the picture/project. You are welcome to accept or decline, I do not mind either way and will not be offended if you have to pass. You are also welcome to haggle if you have a specific budget in mind, but I can also politely decline if I feel you are asking for something far lower than what my skills are worth.

Here's is a rough chart of about what my prices are.  Commission Price List by Ty-Chou

Step 3. If you accept the quote, I require payment up front. I accept Paypal only. I do not do points commissions. If it is a large, expensive commission, I can take payments. The first payment will get me started on the sketch.

Step 4. Once paid, I start to work on a sketch for you to approve. You usually get this within 1-3 days of payment. Once you approve of the sketch (changes made as needed) I will then get to work on inking and coloring the picture.

Step 5. When finished, I will show you the final product for you to approve and make any changes as needed. Once the final picture is to satisfaction, I will send you a large copy to your e-mail address. A smaller copy with a water mark will be posted on my DA account.

--What you can do with your commission: Whatever you want short of claiming you drew it. You can post it on DA or share it anywhere. Make icons or whatever out of it, I don't care. Just don't say you drew it and if anyone asks where it came from, direct them to me.

Simple. Easy.
So I've been wondering about this for a while, people making their own character designs and then selling them for others to use. Is there actually a need for this? Do people like taking a fully completed design for themselves instead of making their own?

Would people be interested if I threw together some character designs for adoption? I had toyed with the idea of doing some Transformers or Ninja Turtles designs (And lets face it, by Ninja Turtles, I just mean I'll be drawing adorable lizard girls) for adoption. Would people like to see that? Or maybe another series?

I'm curious what is up with the whole adoption culture and how popular it is. Feel free to leave me comments with your thoughts on adoptables as a whole, if you have adopted before, if you look for adoptions, or whatever you want on the subject. I'm honestly curious to hear what people think about it and if anyone has done it before.

Thanks in advance for the input!
Need stuff to do art-wise so feel free to commission me. My computer is starting to slowly crap out on me so I will probably need a new one soon. Even though I mostly get commissioned for Transformers art, I am MORE than happy to do other things besides robots.

Feel free to note me with what you're looking for and I can let you know my prices. (You are more than welcome to say "no thanks" to my price quote without hurting my feelings. I understand we all have only so much money.) If you're looking for something within a certain budget I can also discuss what I can give you for the price you're looking for. Feel free to drop me a line!
I hope so, anyway. I have developed some horrible writing habits this past month with my RW art challenge. I need to get myself back together and start getting more finished pages under my belt. I would love to just start flinging chapters of all sorts of stuff out the door, but we'll see what happens.

Still hope to keep drawing, too, though. I was liking the progress I saw when I was sketching every say. I just really need to work on my time management skills. The internet takes time like you won't believe when you're not paying attention. Wish me luck. I hope to produce a lot of content for you guys to read this month.
My sister just finished her yearly pony convention and is selling the remainder of her merchandise for discounted prices. She makes adorable "Sugar Cubes" of many, many different characters. And she's doing a free give away. Check out the links here:

<da:thumb id="617645514"/>

<da:thumb id="617617867"/>
The new Dreamworks animation project, created by several people who worked on The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra, is now out on Netflix. Go watch Voltron Legendary Defender.  Could only fit the first episode in today, but it was great! I am already suggesting people go watch this. Go! Now!