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SHIELD Files: Fade by Ty-Chou SHIELD Files: Fade by Ty-Chou

I don't really do full character bios for my OCS, usually because most of them are in fanfics and you can just read about them there. This is also the case with Marcy, but I thought it would be fun to fill out this SHIELD Files template made by :iconawkward-nerdd: and write up a (somewhat) brief bio here. I don't know if people even read these, but, whatever. I thought it would be fun. (P.S. It was not fun. This was exhausting. How do people write these on a continuous basis?)

Template found here:…

This essay will never fully explain everything about her background, personality, and, most importantly, her personal growth and relationships with the other characters as they develop. It's far better to read it in story form. But maybe this bio will make people curious to read the fic? I dunno.

Here's the fic if you want to read it. Definitely longer than the bio, but a better read if you ask me:…

Background: Marcy comes from a SHIELD legacy family. Her grandfather, Daniel Shepherd, was part of the first generation of SHIELD. He volunteered for an experimental super soldier process called Project Ghost, which was intended to create soldiers who could become completely invisible. The process killed every other volunteer but himself. He served with SHIELD for nearly a decade before he was killed on a mission.

Marcy's mother Claudia Shepherd was also a field agent of SHIELD. She too asked to be put through the Ghost Project process where she also survived and became the second “Ghost” agent of SHEILD. She eventually retired in her old age and died in 2015 (about a year after Winter Soldier) of natural causes. Though it is supposed that the Ghost process wore out her heart earlier than it would have normally.

Marcy did not go through the Ghost process. With two ancestors with the serum in their veins, she was born with the ability to become invisible. Or to “fade” as she calls it. She is also able to fade for longer periods of time with ease, unlike her predecessors. She signed up for SHIELD training directly out of high school with great approval from her mother. Her father, who was a civilian, had no love for SHEILD and the dangers it brought to the people he loved, but he let both Claudia (who he loved but never married) and his daughter make their own decisions. He died of health complications in 2012.

History at SHIELD: With her abilities, Marcy was made a SHIELD agent right out of graduation from training. Her first partner was Clint Barton who had been with SHIELD for a few years already. The two worked well together and were partnered for a good few years. Marcy began to develop romantic feelings for him to which he did not return. Shortly after, Clint brought Natasha into SHIELD and was partnered with her instead. Marcy and Clint slip in and out of touch with each other through the years as their careers take them to various places, but they remain good friends.

Marcy's second partner was an agent named Michael Conner, who she also started to crush on. (She is terrible at falling for her partners.) When Conner found out about her affections, he did everything he could to embarrass her in front of her fellow agents as if to see how long she would put up with him. She stubbornly stuck around until he was killed in action. After Project Insight during Winter Soldier, it was discovered that Conner was most likely a Hydra agent planted among their numbers.

After this, Marcy lost her taste for field work. And after the Project Insight debacle, SHIELD badly needed to clean house. Marcy was placed in the internal affairs department, reporting directly to Fury as all remaining SHIELD agents were checked and double checked for authenticity. Her abilities allowed her to pretty much spy on her fellow agents while she vetted them. It made her even less popular at work. She eventually just stopped caring if people liked her and became very, very scarce. Few people would ever see her around due to her ability. Fury secretly worried about her closing down. He wanted her to go back to the field, but knew no one else could make that decision but her.

Personality: At work, Marcy is very bland in appearance (if people see her at all) and very quiet. She easily blends into a crowd which allows her to do her job well. She does not like to yell or talk loud, nor does she like having a lot of attention on her. She absolutely cannot handle good looking guys, especially one Steve Rogers, give her his full attention. She immediately turns red and just wishes the world would swallow her whole.

In her personal life, Marcy likes to laugh and do silly things. She's actually quite a raging dork and tries very hard to make sure her professional cohorts do not find out. She likes trying new things and is very adamant about doing activities that normal civilians would do to counter her strange life at SHIELD. Marcy also loves people and cares deeply about those in her personal life. She joined SHIELD because she genuinely wanted to save lives and keep people safe. She has little to no temper and forgives as best she can. It takes a LOT for one to get on Marcy's shit list.

Marcy does not fear a fight and is known to be a hard-hitter in a brawl. In Clint's own words: “Marcy fights mean.” People underestimate her with her quiet demeanor, but they're usually not the ones walking away from the fight. She is very stubborn when it comes to letting people in when she is hurt or scared. She prefers to fight her own demons and tries very hard not to visit her problems on other people. She will always help those she cares about, but has a hard time accepting help in return due to low self esteem issues.

Even though she was not “created” in a lab, she has been constantly been poked and prodded by scientists since she was a child. It is believed that the key to creating a successful Ghost serum that will not kill its subjects lies in studying her DNA. As such, SHIELD is constantly hounding her for tests and Hydra has gone after her multiple times. A recent capture of Hydra left her physically and emotionally scarred with a newly developed panic attack level anxiety toward labs in general. But that is also where she met James “Bucky” Barnes.

Marcy and the Avengers: Because of her abilities, she was considered for the Avengers Initiative. Also because of her abilities, she was rejected. She is on a DNR list (Do Not Recover) because if she is hurt and passes out, she tends to go invisible, making it nearly impossible for fellow agents to find her for a rescue. If she goes into the field, she has to get herself out. She was too much of a liability and Marcy herself also rejected the idea of joining the Avengers, very uncomfortable being in the public eye like that.

When Steve Rogers was recovered from the ice (2011), Marcy was given the task of researching who he was and putting together a personality profile so Fury could decide what to do with him. Marcy found Steve's story inspiring and it made her want to be a better person and a better agent because of it. She did not meet Steve Rogers until after Project Insight (2014). She worked in the same building with him for several months before he even once noticed her. (She also develops a big ass crush on Steve because she is terrible at crushing on all the guys. She is in hot man hell working on SHEILD.)

She is slowly drawn into the world of the Avengers after she is reassigned to work in SHIELD Central. She reconnects with Clint and Natasha, both of which she knew from her field days. Bruce Banner moves his lab to the HQ and Marcy is tasked with being his handler. Making sure he is mentally sound from day to day without him knowing he is under observation. Marcy is outed by landing on Tony Stark's radar by making the best coffee he has ever tasted. He harasses her often to make it for him. When Tony finds out about Marcy's crush, he sticks around to watch the train wreck that is SHIELD's most anonymous agent trying to catch the attention of the world's most oblivious super soldier.

Near the end of the fic she decides to go fully back into the field and is partnered with Natasha. And they rip the crap out of Hydra, forcing them to retaliate in desperation with a direct attack on SHIELD Central...

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LordVaderNihilus Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
She looks very cool
Ty-Chou Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks. There's a fanfic to go with her if you're interested.
LordVaderNihilus Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
I might read it later, im working on a point commission
I also invite you to see my works =D
Ty-Chou Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I have seen your art around :)
LordVaderNihilus Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
glad to hear it
CuriousCucumber Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2018  Professional General Artist
Don't know if this is off-topic or if I've done this before - but I just gotta compliment you of how well thought of your OCs always are!
And you're one of the few artists that know how to do OC-canon ship JUST RIGHT! 
Ty-Chou Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you. That's very kind of you to say. Though I have had a LOT of practice by being a raging Mary Sue fangirl for years and years. Also, several of my OCs are in stories. And when you write the stories, it is so much easier to fill out the character than just doing a cold open with a character bio sheet. This bio with Marcy, it wouldn't have been nearly as detailed if I hadn't already written and finished the story before writing this.
CuriousCucumber Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2018  Professional General Artist
I supposed we all were such at one point XD 
Alexiel-VIII Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2018  Professional Traditional Artist
Oo, i should make one of these. Looks great! Nice and official.
Ty-Chou Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You should! Making the picture was fun. Writing the bio in the comments was work. LOL I did not enjoy it as much.
Nortstar Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2018
she is really cool character :)
NewArtist19 Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2018
bugsytrex Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I absolutely adore these character profiles! Awesome work with this! <3 <3 
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