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Ghost's Anime Kitties

This is something I've been meaning to do for a while now. I had an old website from years ago where I had anime characters turned into kitties and you could adopt them on your website. (Back in the day when people made their own fansites. Those were good times.) The website has long since gone offline, but people keep dropping by, asking where they can find these graphics.

Unfortunately, there's no place to find them any more except some random pics here and there still hanging around someone's old adoptables page. So here are most of the kitties I made during that time. This art is from the early 2000's and I pretty must posted them in alphabetical order as I have them in my files. There are some on here so old they were done in MS Paint. It's been really fun to see how my kitties have improved over the years.

I think the type of shows you see in this collection really date the whole project and you can see which series were on TV and popular at that time. Can you name them all? (There are some OCs in there, too) I don't know if I can even name them all any more.
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This is such a blast from the past...I used to be so obsessed with the Slayers kitties when I was a tween 😭

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The slayers kitties were so fun to draw. I'm glad you remember them. <3

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holy hell. I loved these back in middle school. I had them all printed out and collaged on my old folders and notebooks for school. I can not believe that after all this time, i remembered the name of the old website to google and find them here. absolutely incredible.

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Wow, I don't even remember the website. Is part of it still there?

And always awesome to run into someone from waaaaaaay back when.

So your their creator I always said if I could make myself another fansite. I used to have a community but took it off line because no one was joining lol. I always wanted to get kitty 17 and a few others. It's too bad about your site. I loved going to look at them and dream of the day I would have my own site and could collect them. I was about 12 I'm 33 now lol. It's funny I looked for your site again tonight hoping it was back online and it lead me here. I always wondered who the talented person was that created all of them and now I know. Their all still beautiful! My age might be a bit off I just noticed that. I'm not very good in math sorry lol.

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RIP to those old sites, Angelfire, geocities and such. I posted this for people like you who remember way back when and just wanted to look at them again. Thanks for the note! Gosh, do I even want to remember how long ago it was? XD

Yeah now you pay between $35-$100 or more for a website. It's become more of an expense than anything. :( But I still love 17! If you do ever add anymore you should check out the anime cyborg 009 Call of justice and add cyborgs 001-009 I love that show! It's a Netflix original!

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Oh yeah, that's actually an old show that's been rebooted. I have never seen anything from that franchise though. I can't say I've had the urge to do much more of them. I'm not as heavy into anime as I used to be. Though i still try to watch a new series or two every year.

Do you still make these? I run a Neocities site.

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I guess if I was commissioned I'd make new ones.

I'd love to, but I'm kinda broke lol

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I remember these! I loved them so much!

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Glad you like them! It's fun to run into people who remember them from way-back-when.
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Omg! These bring back memories. Going through an old disc of stuff and found a bunch of these guys saved.
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Hi! It's fun to run into people who remember these. So long ago! I can't believe you still have some saved!
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Aaaah, I'm so happy you made this! I'm going through a lot of my old stuff from my teens, and I found some of these kitties that I had printed out on an exceptionally shitty printer. I loved these so much, and they really inspired me in my own artist journey. <3 
Ty-Chou's avatar
Awesome! I absolutely love hearing about people printing them out and having a good time with using them to decorate walls, lockers, binders, etc. I'm happy I could help you find your own love of art. <3
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I'm so glad you posted this! SO many good memories! Kitty kitty - Dont care 
Ty-Chou's avatar
Yeah, it was a fun time. I wish I had the same energy as I did back then lol
Panda-Jenn's avatar
It really was a fun time. I know just what you mean about lack of energy. My biggest problem is lack of motivation.
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I have lack of time and also ideas, as far as art goes.
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Same here with ideas. Once in a very rare blue moon, one will pop up that I get really excited about. But that hardly ever happens anymore.
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I have found that looking around in different places for inspiration can help with that. But also, sometimes the creative juices just need some time to rest and gather energy and you shouldn't be too hard on yourself or get frustrated when you're in this state. Just keep on swimming and keep your eyes open for something to spark your wonder. It's out there.
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