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Cry Turmoil Poster Colors

First of all, I did NOT draw this picture. Line art belongs to the super talented :iconixt-drawing-evolved: who gave me permission to color this amazing piece.

You guys know coloring isn't always my favorite thing. But when I saw such great art at this, my fingers just twitched to get a hold of it. So thank you for allowing me to color this and check out the rest of this artist's work.

Original picture found here: [link]
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May 18, 2011, 12:55:03 PM
© 2012 - 2021 Ty-Chou
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You colored this very well. Did you know there was an episode that never got made it? it was when she was supposed to come back and get revenge on t bone.
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There's actually a few eps that were scripted but not animated before the show was canceled. The Turmoil sequel was just one of them :)
Devilgirl007's avatar
So many episodes never seen. It's sad.
They just don't make cartoon like they use to. Very sweet.
Ty-Chou's avatar
Agreed. At least, they don't make many like they used to.
OkamiJubei's avatar
Really nice there miss.
Risen-Art's avatar
I love T-bone's cat snarls.
Ty-Chou's avatar
Yes! The line art for this is so good! I just had to color it! <3
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Very true! You did a fantastic job and I checked out Shraznar's awesome line art too.
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This really was one of the best episodes of the series. Wasn't this a second season episode??
Ty-Chou's avatar
Agreed and yup!
The colors on this is great.
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Thanks. I tried to color my best for this awesome line art.
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I love the coloring job! Nicely done! = D
Ty-Chou's avatar
Thank you. Though I think the line art makes my coloring look better :)
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20 years ago a duo of enforcer pilots were sentenced to junk yard duty by a bull headed commander
these kats promptly built a fighter jet in there junk yard that was underground
today they survive as the protectors of the city. if you have a problem
if no one else can help, and if you can find them maybe you can hire...
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This is the most awesome poster i've ever seen! I loved that episode and Turmoil was said to come back but it was cancled.
SinjaAussiaAngels's avatar
One of my favorite episodes!
Nami14's avatar
Irony, that episode was on tonight
Ty-Chou's avatar
Nice! I'm sure you enjoyed it :)
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