Pinky appeared in TLH, why not Brain?

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I enjoy The Loud House and Animaniacs, I ended up doing some art with the Loud siblings making reference to Animaniacs.

Rob Paulsen (Yakko, Dr. Stratchsniff, Pinky), Jess Harnell (Wakko, Walter Wolf) and Jeff Bennett (Charlton Woodchuck, Baloney) appeared in The Loud House. We know Frank Welker and Tress MacNeille may not appear in the show since they're pretty much almost retired. But Maurice LaMarche (The Brain, Squit) is still in the animation business. I kinda wish he appeared in the show like Kath Soucie, Phil LaMarr and Cree Summer did.

I know it may seem hard to come true, but a guy can dream.

What do you guys think?

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I know where Maurice LaMarche can voice on The Loud House! He could be the voice of Patch Black from my Doom for Royal Woods fanfic if it becomes a Loud House mini series! =D
Doom for Royal WoodsNew Loud House fanfic that I am planing! Also this might be more dramatic than my other Loud House fanfictions.
A evil villain named Patch Black came to take over Royal Woods and mind controls Luan, Lynn, Lana, and Lola. He also kidnaps the Loud, McBride, and Santiago familes and the pets get mind controlled too. Lincoln, Lori, Clyde, and Bobby are the only remaning members of their famlies. Now it's up to Lincoln with the help of Lori and Clyde to save the captured famlies, free the mind controlled sisters and also free the mind controlled pets, and save Royal Woods.
So what do you think?
Doom for Royal Woods Teaser Poster by DEEcat98 Doom for Royal Woods Sneak PeakDoom for Royal Woods Sneak Peak
Rita: Ok, ready to take our big family picture together?
Lincoln: WAIT!
Rita: Lincoln, did you really had to shout that loud?
Lincoln: There is a few that we are missing.
Luna: Uh, what do you mean by a few Lincoln?
Lincoln: Look and notice. Where's Luan, Lynn, Lana, and Lola? (Everyone then begins to notice)
Lynn Sr.: Oh no! Lincoln is right! We're missing a few of the girls!
Leni: That makes four gone!
Lisa: We can't have a family pic with just only nine Louds and four pets!
(Just then Hops comes in as he hops right to the Loud family at the front yard)
Lincoln: Hops? What are you doing here?
(Hops croaks about what is about to happen)
Lincoln: I'm sorry what?
(Hops then puts a patch and does some evil laughing to imitate Patch Black then makes his eyes red and acts like a zombie to imitate when he saw that Lana got mind controlled so that he can try to tell Lincoln what he saw)
Lincoln: Still don't understand what you are trying to tell us.
(Hops then
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I would love to see this, too.
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Please elaborate.
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When did Pinky appear in "The Loud House"?
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Rob Paulsen came to the Loud House, and yet Maurice LaMarche didn't. Next time ACTUALLY read instead of just commenting out of impulse.

If you can't figure the metaphor, then you need to go back to school or college.
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That's strike one Jeremy. Two more, and I'm blocking you.

And that's not even a metaphor. I take A.P. English. 
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Overreact, much? But seriously calm down, I was only sarcastic. My apologies.

Anyway Rob Paulsen voiced Seymour from the episode The Old & The Restless, and Lane (Luan's genderbend) in One of the Boys.
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So whenever I'm acting disgusting as you put it, you're not overreacting. Hypocrisy much?
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Well screw this, I'm going home.

And FYI, and sometimes you DO go too far.
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Sounds wonderful idea.
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It could happen, especially if TLH ever decides to reference anything related to Orson Welles. :)
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That's definitely true! If that happens, I die happy.
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