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The Proud Family - Penny and Friends

After all the chaos in the world (including the death of George Floyd, the rioting and looting, and everything else caused by Trump). I wanted to do something for Penny with some girls who would no doubt be more loyal to her than her so-called friends in her show.

And the less said about the non-president, the better. Whatever the color of any race, THEY ALL BLEED THE SAME!!

There, I said it, we're all in this together. Every race matters, especially African-Americans, Asians and Latinos!


Update, here is my 2nd piece - Animated Girls Unite - All Lives Matter by TXToonGuy1037

Penny (c) Bruce W. Smith
Anne (c) Matt Braly
Leni (c) Chris Savino, Kyle Marshall
Luz (c) Dana Terrace
Phoebe (c) Craig Bartlett
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So.....perfect :D

What a nice unique group of friends from different series that mesh well together.

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You like The Owl House so far?

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I did, really nice show.

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Really nice job! I also noticed that Penny and Leni’s first and last names rhyme with each other.

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Thanks! I just realized that as well.

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And while beginning with the same letter respectively too.

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Glad to hear it!

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Cool and nice B-)

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