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Kendall, Julie and Gunther looked all around for Kick but no avail, that left most of Mellowbrook surprising in despair. Without Kick, there is not much people in BattleSnax's, Dead Man's Drop, or Skidzeez due to Kick's disappearances. Most of his family miss him, including Brianna and Brad, who regretted ever trying to mess with Kick. Gunther and Julie will never be the same without Kick, and Kendall came out the worst. She tried so hard to forget him but no success. Julie and Gunther comforted and befriended Kendall, which makes her a little happy to at least some friends, but it's just not the same without one of main sources of Mellowbrook, Clarence Francis "Kick" Buttowski.

Suprisingly someone came to Kick's house, the family found out who he is but eventually they knew it was Kick. His parents crushed hugs and kisses. Brad and Brianna were worried sick and angry of why he would leave. But Kick had no time, he had to go to a store to buy a prom dress.

When he made, Jackie tried everything to get to Kick but to no avail. Then he sees Gunther and Julie dancing. Kick thought they look so happy but he also sees the despair deep in their eyes which he knew, because he disappeared. Kick once thought of leaving, but he spots Kendall, he wondered what she is doing there, but he still plan on leaving but there is something telling he should confront her. Kick knew Kendall would try to find him after he disappeared. But he had enough courage to confront her.

Kendall - Kick?!?
Kick - Kendall?!
Kendall (worried) - Where were you??!!
Kick - (phasing) Uhhhh.....
Kendall - Kick, are you okay.
Kick (woke up) Huh?
Kendall - I said, where were you?
Kick - Oh, I was just visiting some friends out of town. Why?
Kendall - I don't know, I didn't notice. I wish you could inform me before you do anything.
Kick - And why is that?
Kendall - Because.... because... I like you, Kick. I LOVE YOU!!!! I have been worried sick about you ever since you disappeared!! I regretted ever since then of how I was mean to you all the time. I never gave my self the chance of having a least some friends. I like you.
Kick (back into phased for a second before regaining conscience) - You like me?
Kendall - Yeah, but I know you don't like me. But I'm sorry, I don't deserve you.

Kick didn't say a word, but instead took off his suit jacket and put in on Kendall's shoulders. Kendall blushed before turning her head into Kick's.

Kick - What makes you think that I don't like you, Kendall. You know, I have been thinking of what I put you through. And I'm sorry, too. Kendall. I really love you too.
(holding Kendall's hand) I really do.
Kendall (cheerful) - Really?!!
Kick - Yeah, so you wanna dance?
Kendall - Yeah. Will you forgive me, Kick?
Kick - Yes, Kendall. And I'm sorry...
Kendall (overjoyed) -  It's all right. It's all fine!
Kick - So like I said, you wanna dance?
Kendall - Oh, Yeah!
Kick - And maybe later we can go out later, I'll look out for you.
Kendall (overexcited) - Yay!!!!

Kendall hugged Kick, and he hugged her back holding her tight before kissing her.

Kick - I love you, Kendall Perkins.
Kendall - And I love you, Clarence "Kick" Buttowski.

Kendall kissed Kick back and they changed for the better, never became the same ever again. Kendall was happy Kick was back and loves her and she never wanted to make a mistake like she did ever; and Kick was happy that Kendall loves him and try to confront Kendall went she goes overboard. So, after that moment outside, before they go inside... Gunther and Julie, who were watching and very happy that Kick came back, went to Kick and Kendall.

Gunther (hugging) - Kick, I missed you!
Kick - I missed you too, buddy.
Julie - It's nice to have you back, compadre.
Kick - Thanks, Jules.
Gunther/Julie - Where were you?
Kick (looking at Kendall) - I'll explain later. Right now, I own a certain someone a special dance.
Kendall - (blushed and smiled)
Gunther - Oh, Sure.
Julie - Yeah, no problem, but don't forget.

After Julie and Gunther went inside, Kick and Kendall stayed for another second before heading back inside.

Kendall - Hey Kick?
Kick - Yeah? I
Kendall - I wanna tell you something?
Kick - What is it?
Kendall - Your best friends, Julie and Gunther?
Kick - Yeah.
Kendall - Well, after you disappeared, I became friends with them.
Kick - Oh that's nice.
Kendall - I'm really sorry for what I put you through.
Kick - I told you, it's over. We both were to blame.
Kendall - Yeah?
Kick - Kendall, are you still with Ronaldo?
Kendall - Nope, and never will. After you disappeared, he was talking smack about you too much that I punched him in the face and broke up with him. Never should have dated him to begin with. He and I have nothing in common in reality, unlike you and me, Kick.
Kick (amazed) - You are hard core, Kendall.
Kendall - Because I love you, KB.
Kick - As I you.

They kissed then Kendall laid her head on Kick's shoulder and their new life together begins.

That's not quite all, folks... check out "I'm Here for you".
Inspired by SariSpy56's pictures and my comments on them, I did this. It's like a revised version my short fanfic, Confession Homecoming.

I based this fic on this artwork here -…

This story follows after this - I'm Here for You…

Julie @ TXToonGuy1037
Kick & Kendall Buttowski, Gunther @ Sandro Corsaro
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