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Kick spotted Kendall looking sad when he just came back home in time for the homecoming dance. He tried to sneak up to her to make sure she's okay.

Kendall - Clarence?
Kick - (ah, biscuits) Uhhh, hey Kendall.
Kendall - Where were you?
Kick - (phasing) Uhhhh.....
Kendall - Kick, are you okay.
Kick (woke up) Huh?
Kendall - I said, where were you?
Kick - Oh, I was just visiting some friends out of town. Why?
Kendall - I don't know, I didn't notice. I wish you could inform me before you do anything.
Kick - And why is that?
Kendall - Because.... because... I like you, Kick. I LOVE YOU!!!!
Kick (back into phased for a second before regaining conscience) - You like me?
Kendall - Yeah, but I know you don't like me.

Kick didn't say a word, but instead took off his suit jacket and put in on Kendall's shoulders. Kendall blushed before turning her head into Kick's.

Kick - What makes you think that I don't like you, Kendall. You know, I have been thinking of what I put you through. And I'm sorry. Kendall, I really love you too.
Kendall (cheerful) - Really?!!
Kick - Yeah, so you wanna dance?
Kendall - Yeah.
Kick - And maybe later we can go out later, I'll look out for you.
Kendall (overexcited) - Yay!!!!

Kendall hugged Kick, and he hugged her back holding her tight before kissing.

Kick - I love you, Kendall Perkins.
Kendall - And I love you, Clarence "Kick" Buttowski.

After that moment outside, before they go inside...

Kick (to Kendall) - Kendall, are you still with Ronaldo?
Kendall - Nope, and never will. After you disappeared, he was talking smack about you too much that I punched him in the face and broke up with him. Never should've dated him to begin with. He and I have nothing in common in reality, unlike you and me, Kick.
Kick (amazed) - You are hard core, Kendall.
Kendall - Because I love you, KB.
Kick - As I you.

They kissed then Kendall laid het head on Kick's shoulder and their new life together begins.
I based this short story based on a fanfic by The Zeo. Many People wrote their own story to the photo, and apparently so did I. I enjoy what I wrote. I also write "I'm here for you" where Kendall comforts Kick in a field near town for the loss of his Uncle Jules (character by SariSpy56). In both fics, Kick and Kendall got together, plus have them develop more personality to keep them intact, to be together forever.

I'm Here for You -…

Kick & Kendall Buttowski @ Sandro Corsaro
© 2014 - 2021 TXToonGuy1037
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How fast yet so sweet...
TXToonGuy1037's avatar
Thanks! You rock!. :-) :-) I wrote this based on a fanart if the two. :-)
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Thank you, thank you very much (doing Elvis impersonation).
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Thanks. You're awesome!
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<font><font> AWWW ES LINDO </font></font>
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Gracias, Chica. I really like to make Kick and Kendall develop more in my stories. Trying to cheer every Kindall fan up here, especially you. But We all are, aren't we all?!?!
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Awwww...:) I want them to happen for real so bad!
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ME TOO!!!!!!! WE ALL DO!!!!!
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All except Disney!
TXToonGuy1037's avatar
I know, and when I said Disney let itself go, it really let itself go!!! Laziness and no brains, that is!!!
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So why don't we tell them? All they accept now is Phinbella or Canderemy, what about Kindall?
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I think its complicated. Some crew left the show during its run, one in particular, Sherm Cohen.Some of it love working on KB, while others like Mitch Larson don't. But Disney XD and Disney channel has been downhill, but luckily we have Wander Over Yonder and Gravity Falls, plus what's left of KB. But if I were to work on the series, I wouldn't trade this show for any other for a long while.
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Oh, I didn't know that, and it must be expensive to hire crewpeople, but it's gotta be Worth the Money to keep the Viewers happy, right?

What's "Wander Over Yonder"?
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Wander Over Yonder just aired a few months ago at Disney Channel, and its about to move to Disney XD along with Gravity Falls. WOY is about a optimistic character named Wander with his butt-kicking sidekick named Sylvia save a planet somewhere from Lord Hater.

What I read is what Phineas and Ferb went to Disney XD at its 2nd season, wow.

Anyway, it is expensive, but if we have enough guts and talents and patience to make it, we can make it.

And it depends on what audience you're aiming at. I think Disney XD made KB push the females, Kendall included, to side to have only male characters be the main character. We all know that boys will enjoy the show, but hey the girls and the whole family does to. But Disney XD is only targeted at boys.
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