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Animated Girls Unite - All Lives Matter

After this The Proud Family - Penny and Friends by TXToonGuy1037, I wanted to do more an action picture to show not only are they not backing down but also holding to each other!

Penny (c) Bruce W. Smith
Anne (c) Matt Braly
Leni, Luna (c) Chris Savino, Kyle Marshall, Amanda Rynda
Phoebe, Nadine (c) Craig Bartlett
Susie (c) Arlene Klasky and Gabor Csupo
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© 2020 - 2021 TXToonGuy1037
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Yet whenever anyone says 'White Lives Matter' or 'Blue Lives Matter' the first thing in anyone's mind is 'Fascist! White Supremacist! Destroy them without mercy and anyone remotely connected with then!'

Look I just read the comments and this might not be the artist or the other commenter's opinion, but I do feel this is often overlooked whenever something like this happens.

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Does that apply to those killed by persons from the same race?

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Good to know

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The police and the military will try to stop the protesters.

Drumnote: Finally, an artwork that understands the precious worth of all lives instead of one😂!!

CMGX: You sure about that? There's more support towards BLM instead of this.

Drumnote: Well screw you, all lives matter at this point in time. And I don't care if I'm hunted down either way!

CMGX: Yep, we're gonna get sjw and white knight bounty hunters possibly after this😐.

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Amen americans and latinos united
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Awesome! All lives indeed matters! Especially at this crisis conditions when the world wasn't on its best condition!

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Amén brothers amén

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What's with the gags?

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Have you not been aware of COVID 19 going on the loose right now?

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Ah, I see. Gotta stay healthy while they're protesting.

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YES Thank You! God loves all his creations!
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Red lives matter! Because despite our outward color we all bleed red blood right?
“ we should not be defined by the color of a flesh! But who we are”
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