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The writer's job is to drink up ink and
exude it through every pore, to fashion
tiny homunculus characters and voodoo bits
of his soul into them, to carve earth with
his fingers and pour seas from his hands
and to take that thought, that thought,
pluck it from his mind, and try his utmost
to put it into someone else's. This is
mind-control. Dark art. Hypnosis, suggestion,
brainwashing. And if done properly, the
writer can set the heart on fire. He can
draw tears on trails of silver. He can
make the smile flash, the eyebrow raise,
the seat precarious, the fingernails a
meal. The stroke of his pen can be a lash
on the back; the press of a key the touch
of a feather. A sentence can be the hammer
that shatters or the glue that keeps
everything together.

Writers wield words.
A quick writing sketch I did one night. I thought it was fairly decent so here it is!

I have no idea where to put this so I'm shoehorning it into free verse ololol
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That is some fine work there. Certainly how I see writing. The trick though is finding out ways to write something that is worded in a way to evoke those emotions.
That is what I strive for.