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Link vs. Twinmold

This is Link vs. Twinmold, a boss from The legend of Zelda Majora's Mask.
As always I used as reference the game more than the official artwork because there are many different things in the characters.
Link is fighting with the gilded sword, the mirror shield and the Giant's Mask.
this is the second time I start with this one, because I did not like the first attempt.
So I hope you like this inauguration of LINK VS. MAJORA'S MASK BOSSES!
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The action and angle in this is very dynamic!

Too bad you couldn't use that mask outside this fight (boo).
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Just amazing.....damn this is the definition of art!
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I'm in that temple but haven't found him yet. The freakiest boss I have to fight yet.
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this would be me: " runs around flailing arms around yelling DON"T KILL MEH!!!"
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Uhh, Link? Look behind you... :o (Eek) 
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Original or 3DS, I would agree. This boss is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long! But at least you can fight them as a giant. (Or one, depending on which version)
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((Ha ha, yup! Still annoying, though! I played the 3DS version~))
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This is amazing! The perspective is so cool! And the shading as well! This is soo good!  
I'll put your picture on a forum, I'll post a link to your page !
If there any trouble tell me !

Excellent work BTW !
Txikimorin's avatar
no problem!!
could I ask about which forum?
Yup, it's a team on the game super smash bros 4

French forum :p

link here :… (dont know if i can post a link here...)

i used the picture for a tournament's presentation
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This pic is soooo AWESOME!!!!!!!!! :worship:
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What an epic piece of fantastic! Looks good sittin' in my inbox :)
I watched my brother get to this boss-Link's the boss. He's totally boss. Especially in this picture. I love the perspective you drew it in as well as all the lovely details that can literally take me into Majora's Mask, right to that very moment.
Keep up the good work :)
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Absolutely awesome owo
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Oh man, I love the way the composition flows in this picture. Truly masterful. Great worm's eye view shot!
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Wow good work! I love how loyal it sounds to the original game even when remixed! I specially like the part when suddenly gets quiet and then starts raising slowly again
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Thanks! I have this habit in my remixes of building things up and then taking them down and then building up to something else again. And I generally try to stay pretty true to the original for the most part, especially for themes as classic as this. I figure if it's not broken then I shouldn't try to fix it.
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I dunno if you remember way back when I asked to use this for part of a remix medley, but I'm remaking the Stone tower Temple part of the medley into its own full remix, so I'd like to know if I could use this again for that video. Again, you would be given full credit for the artwork, and a link back to the original would be provided.
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yeah of course you can, and I remember the video too, good luck with the remaking!

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Thanks! I've already come across one kind of major problem with it as is, I really hope nothing else goes wrong ^^;
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