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My Bio

58-year-young exterminator. Been a Pony fan since Nov. '11 (Winter Wrap-Up was my gateway drug) & fan/watcher of EQD/dA since May '12. Signed up to see "Heartstrings" without the mature filter. Also play PlayStation games (RPG's). Also like Littlest Pet Shop (2012), The Walking Dead. Mythbusters, Game Of Thrones, & South Park. And yes, I do know good art when it bites me on the ass! My favorite Mane 6 is Rarity, my Princess is Luna, my CMCr is Sweetie Belle & my backgrounders are Derpy, Octavia & Lyra. For G5, it's already Izzy. Also discovered a knack for writing & photography & puns during my time here.

Favourite Visual Artist
Pony-Berzerker, Muffinshire, TriteBristle, Labba94, EStories, Vavacung, Toxic-Mario, Lukasaurus-Flavious, Draco1997, Frostykat13 & SorcerusHorserus on DA
Favourite Movies
Roger Rabbit, Die Hard series, first 2 Terminators, '70's disaster films
Favourite TV Shows
MLP, SpongeBob, Powerpuff Girls, Ren & Stimpy, Walking Dead, Japanimation
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Pet Shop Boys, Duran Duran for Old School, Daniel Ingram & Sim Gretina for Pony
Favourite Books
Any beihnd-the-scenes/making-of famous movies
Favourite Games
Suikoden series, Fallout series, BioShock series, arcade emulations
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Flashdrive & access to Rule 34 for the full spectrum of both sides of fan art


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Happy Ain't Patrick's Day!
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Not For Sale

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The AI art you see was done just for fun, & I have no plans to sell any of it...These shall remain up depending on the outcome of the lawsuit(s) involving said creations... Pony On.
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Everytime somepony comments on something in the past, I'm always amazed & say "I don't remember saying that!" I was (& still am) so into Pony back then...I think what changed was when we got rid of AT&T cable around the 6th or 7th Season...Back then, I had plenty of time to watch the latest ep, pause & rewind to write my latest review...Also merchandise was very plentiful, & I tried to buy everything under the sun... After cable, I had to watch the rest on the Internet & YouTube, & make shorter reviews off the top of my head...I've forgotten how to make those icons, too-dunno if you can still make them here now... Things changed after the show ended-discovering photography, playing Fallout 76, all my bits going to paying for my first new car ($7000 left!), Covid, G5...Now I'm manely just here twice a day to fave the latest ongoing Pony art & submit a weird photo or 2...I have no plans of leaving or deleting anything I made here...It's still a fun ride-let's see where life & Fate takes
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Thanks for the llama!

Thank you for sending a llama badge to my second writing account!

I'm so honored to have received the Deviously Devoted badge from you. Your support means a lot to me.

Then I shall Watch & Llama you, too!

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