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Finally I finished my FFXIII Fanart project ^^
To draw all 6 Characters was very difficult and time consuming...
but I think alle the efforts was worth.
I hope you like all of them and thanks a lot for alle the comments and favs so far ^^
Hi everyone,
just wanted to update you about my FF Artworks.
Well, the last two or three weeks I was busy playing FFXIII-2 XD.
(Well, not that great as I expected... but it's okay)
Now I have to draw some artworks for some drawing contests...
So, all in all I won't be able to upload a new FF Artwork in the near future...
Sorry, but I hope you understand ^^

sorry for lack of updates...
I'm not the type to write a lot of journals.
So I did 2 more Final fantasy Fanarts,
thanks for the fav and the watches,
I really appreciate it, and it encourages me to keep on going ^^

I'm really suprised, haven't expected so much love
for may Final Fantasy XIII - Lightning Artwork o.O
Thank you guys so much ^^

Well, as a kind of thanks I'm gonna to do some more FF-Artworks ^^
Yop, hi everyone,
just wanted to mention that i joined the Final Fantasy XIII-2 Group,
and because of this, I'm thinking about doing more FF Artworks ^^
I Created a new Group called "Rise of Nobodies" ^^
Hi everyone,
the day before yesterday I created a
new portfolio on Deviantart ^^

Please check it out, hope you like it

since yesterday I decided to write as much criticism as I can XD
I don't want to bash, the opposite.
I think so many pictures don't even get watched, so I want to change that!
Hi, we are Clan To!
We are doing Manga Artworks and some Abstract Designs.
Thanks for your interest in us and we hope you like our works.
We are still learning and we try to improve!