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Greetings Tokotnians! It's Toko New Year and we are celebrating 10 Years of Tokotas!

There are a few news updates for you to check out. From our yearly journal to SYH to Coloring Books. Read everything and I'll see you in Discord.

  • It's a milestone for Tokotas this year! Can you believe we've been here for ten years now? You can see the year in review and some sneak peeks at what's to come over on our 10th Anniversary Journal. Be sure to go check it out!!

  • The Colors of Tokotna coloring book is now available! You can check it out here and pick up a copy here, either as an ebook or a paperback!

  • The Tokotas Anthology is relaunching. Be sure to check out the updated theme and prizes!

  • We’re doing Deities and more options for Semi-Customs as prizes.

  • New Submission Window is open until August 31st!

  • Be sure to check Discord this week. We've got some fun raffles to help everyone celebrate the Toko New Year!

  • And don't forget about Show Your Heart! Let's see if we can all work together to uncover what's hiding behind that teaser image!

  • A reminder that with ArtFight around the corner, imports are not allowed to be uploaded anywhere but deviantArt/Tokotna! Please be sure to use page dolls, whether it be the group-made ones, or individually made ones, if you want to upload your tokos anywhere!

Lots of Love,




Activities, Competitions and Design Central are now open!

Let your tokos enjoy the Toko Anniversary: going hunting, getting some fancy medals and submit some new puppers! Remember to read the previous news to get all the info about the on-going events!

-Ara, saphiraly, craeve , Kex, Anu

The following departments are OPEN: Quests, HU, Shrine, Bonding, Bank, AoAs, Breeding, Random Events, TCA, Tribes

Tokota of the Month


  • Toko New Years is here, and the fireworks bonanza on Tokotna has begun!

  • Toko New Year Firework have been updated with some shiny new trinkets, along with a few other updates.

  • Our Festive Teddies have all gotten a fitting new variant to light up the night!

  • Deity Plushies have been consolidated to a new openable, the Glowing Toybox! Inga’s plushie has been included, and this openable will be updated as future deity plushies release!

  • A new companion has joined the lineup as well, Luna Moth, which allows for Tree, Grass, and Herb items while Exploring!

  • Welcome the glittering Curious Souls background, courtesy of our dear @Saphiraly!

  • Planting Dreams blazes onward, to Maquraq! This lovely gardener is ready to help you navigate the overgrown jungle~

  • You know what time of year it is… It’s time to Show your HeART! Wondering what’s in the works this year? Well stay tuned, show some love, and collect some shinies while you’re at it!

10th Anniversary

  • A landmark year calls for a crazy celebration… So we have a slew of new backgrounds featuring our deities!

  • A big shout out to all the artists who brought this wild concept to life! @wiIdpaws , @kepperoni , @Tinadactyl, @FantasyToArtt , @seelenlicht , and @DaffoDille

  • As part of the celebration, these new backgrounds can be used for free for new designs going through the Soul Pool in DC for the month of June~ Stones will be needed to apply the backgrounds to existing designs through Import Updates!

  • Stay tuned for our annual New Years journal of reflection and exciting things! It should be dropping around our actual anniversary date.

  • Coloring Books and Hardcovers!

  • 2024-2025 Anthology Updates (we are re-launching it)!

  • Icon Contest Updates!


  • The breeding roller has been updated with the Vanilla odds from Mutation Mania.

  • Harley now passes at the same rate as every other mutation. Merle will be added if the geno doesn’t already have it.

  • Chimera pass rates now match Albino and Bloodmarked

  • Cross and Reversal now match all other Hereditary Mutations.

  • Please remember to hard refresh the roller, and to generate updated breeding code links before posting to the threads this month!

  • A fancy set of treats have been baked up, and are ready for use on abandoned puppies and exquisite bone flutes! Lemon Squares, Blueberry Muffin, Carrot Cake and Zucchini Loaf can help influence the mane family of your new pup!

  • Three types of bread have rolled in, and can be used to help influence the build of exquisite bone flutes. Brioche Bread, Corn Bread and Rye Bread are hot out of the oven, and ready to be applied.

  • To accommodate these new items, the Abandoned Pup form has been updated. Please ensure that you’re using the new version.


  • We’ve noticed an uptick in people using the incorrect form/removing a whole bunch of lines. Please double check that you’re using the current forms and leaving all the lines intact! Thank you!!


  • Milk and Eggs have been added to the Trading Post to expand options for crafting recipes.

  • There is a bundle of new recipes for our new breeding treats! Make sure to check them out!


  • Totem Tattoos have been moved to the Trading Post and now may be used as dom symbols when completing a Toko’s Rites of Dominance!


  • If you include Fireworks in the Monthly Quest, you’ll be entered for a chance to win a Mentor geno.

  • Completing this month’s quest will unlock the Toko New Year Totem, which allows you to bring back a Celebratory Rocket while Questing.

  • New to the game or just haven’t had time to complete the Monthly Quest for your Festive Totems? Now, completing a Festive Challenge, which can be completed at any time, will now allow you to unlock that month’s Festive Totem!

  • The Toko New Year Quest Challenge has been launched! Meely needs cake. (Don’t we all?)

Rites of Fertility

  • Two new soul pool companions have been added: Wolpertinger and Skvader. Get your hands on a hunting or fishing roll when doing your AoAs!

  • Please make sure you are listing the Penguin Totem with its full name, rather than just Penguin. This helps avoid confusion between the totem and the companion. There will be a grace period for the month of June, but it will need to be listed as Penguin Totem specifically from July open onward or you will have to go through corrections.



  • A new group goal is live! Gather up those coins and let’s see who shows up next!

  • Dire Dunks Macchiato has been moved from the Consumables category to the Special category, since DC uses the Special and Decor categories only.

  • Dire Dunks Macchiato and Starbarks Latte have had their non-transferrable restriction lifted, so members can now transfer crafted coffee items to each other.

  • The World Map has been uncovered!

  • Location pins have been updated on the Interactive map as well

  • Sikatou Glacier and Cavern Heights have received their Lore!

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