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Welcome to Design Central!

Design Central (DC) is where you may submit your Tokota designs to be approved and uploaded! Visual updates to existing imports (do-overs, makeovers, addition of paints and items, etc.) are also done here. DC is also home to Design Den, a free design service for those who cannot design their own Tokotas or afford to commission designs.

Design Central Rules

Please read and understand the Design Central Rules before submitting designs.

Monthly Design Limit: 4

Monthly Design Limit can be increased using Lioness Totem or Dire Dunks Macchiato.

Design Resources: Design Guide Handbook | Tokota Import Templates & Import Backgrounds | Import Information Template | Import Items Ref Sheet

Official DC Admins:

An up to date list of DC Admins can be found on the Admin directory!

DC submissions in the following four threads count towards your Monthly DC limits. All other threads allow for unlimited submissions.

> Main Thread < (Regular DC Submissions)

Please note: Do not use this thread if you are adding anything from your bank - please post to Soul Pool Thread instead!

> New Members < (First Tokota Only)

Please note: Having an uploaded Tokota or having submitted a Tokota to Design Central previously will disqualify you from using this thread. Do not use this thread if you are adding anything from your bank, even if it is your first Tokota - please post to Soul Pool Thread instead!

> Design Den < (Tokota Designing Service)

Design Den is a free service for all members who cannot design their own Tokotas and cannot afford to commission designs from other members. Each request counts as a monthly DC submission, but is processed separately and will not have to be submitted to another DC thread.

Please note: Items, including Soul Pool Water, Sikrinerk & Borga Stones, PotA Tokens, and HP Tokens, may not be applied via Design Den.

> Soul Pool < (DC Submissions with Items)

Soul Pool is for submitting Tokota designs that use any items from your bank (anything in the Decor section, plus Soul Pool Water, PotA Tokens, Elemental Hearts, Soul Mirrors, HP Tokens, and Semi-Custom Tokotas).

Please note: You must have items already in your bank, have a link to admin proof of the item, or intend to purchase the items in DC.

See Decor Guide for information and guidelines on Small Items, Large Items, Scar Packs, and Hand Paints.

Please see the Passage of the Alpha Journal for more information on the requirements and benefits of PotA Tokens. HP Tokens can only be added to submissive genos to get them to average upon approval.

> Import Updates < (Applying Items to Uploads)

Import Updates is for updating uploaded Tokotas using any items from your bank (decor items, Makeover and Do-Over Tokens, Soul Pool Water, and Soul Mirrors).

See Decor Guide for information and guidelines on Small Items, Large Items, Scar Packs, and Hand Paints.

See Makeover and Do-Over Token Instructions for guidelines on redesigning your Tokota.

> Corrections <

If changes were requested by an admin, respond to the corresponding correction comment.

> Skipped Designs <

Always open, even if the journal says closed. If your design was skipped in the queue or accepted, but not uploaded, there is a chance it may have been misplaced by accident. Please note that designs may take up to a week to be uploaded. If it takes any longer than two weeks and you do not see the stash file on this list, please reply to this comment with your design and we will get it looked at ASAP.

> Special Base Identifying <

If your uploaded Tokota's design uses one of the official Special Bases (listed on Special Base Coat Guide) and they do not have a Display Base set on their import, you may comment here to have an admin add the Display Base.

An import's Display Base (the base coat visible in the design) can be found below the Designer info and before the Lineage. Adding a Special Base as a Tokota’s Display Base will also let its offspring and future generations know this base is a Carried Base in their lineage.


What if I don't understand a correction I get from a DC admin?

If you have any questions or concerns about a correction you receive from a DC admin, please send a HOWL on Tokotna. While previously you could simply reply to the correction, changes to DeviantArt means that admins do not get notifications for replies on stash files.

How do I link a file in Eclipse?

After pasting your file, you must also link the thumbnail to your file or it will only show up as an image preview. Use our tutorial here to correctly post your file.

My design was accepted, can I delete the

No! Please do not delete the file of your design until it is uploaded. If it is deleted before then, there is no way for us to upload your Tokota.

Why do I have to list the full geno? Can't I just put which number it is?

Unfortunately no, we need the number and the full geno in order for uploaders to properly identify which genos are being designed and uploaded. Failure to provide the full form will result in a correction.

How do I choose a base coat? Can I combine the parents' bases? Can I make my own version of a base coat?

You must choose a base coat directly from one of the following: a swatch from Design Guide: Base Coats, a special base coat swatch from Design Guide: Special Base Coats if a special base coat carrier is in your tokota's lineage, or directly from a relative in your tokota's lineage (if their base coat is legal). It is generally best to pick from the swatches, as it avoids any possible problems with your color picking from an uploaded tokota. You cannot combine two base coats, or create your own version of a base coat (for example, a non-cream version of a parent's cream base coat).

What are the rules for Makeovers and Do-Overs?

You can find out more about Makeovers and Do-Overs here: Makeover and Do-Over Token Instructions.

How do I know if I qualify for Design Den?

Design Den is for those who do not have the experience and/or skills to design Tokota designs, and cannot easily afford to commission designs. While this is somewhat subjective, we look at overall patterns - if you have a history of buying lots of genos, slots, designs, or even non-Tokotas related things on DeviantArt using real currency, you likely can afford to commission a design. If you have a decent portfolio of Tokota and/or other ARPG designs, you likely can design your own Tokotas. Please use your best judgement.

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Design Approval (MAIN THREAD)

Reply to this comment with a link to your Tokota design ( file).


(Fill out as a comment on your file)

Full Geno:

#. Male, Natural Mane

Average - Healthy

Tokota - Canarctos venatori


Marked collared greying example with accents

Proof of Ownership: (link to geno transfer/split comment, or breeding roller comment if full litter was yours)

Base coat from: (Guide Swatch / [Special Base] Swatch available due to: [Sire/DS/SDD/etc.] [Tokotna link] / Directly picked from: [Sire/DS/SDD/etc.] [Tokotna link])

Bonuses & Monthly Limits: (Provide link to your Tokotna Bonuses & Monthly Limits Page)

DC Reminders:

- Please read the DC Rules before posting!

- Remember to fill out the Import Information Template as the description of your file.

- Make sure you make your image linkable!

- The link to your Monthly Limits page can be found on your Tokotna Profile.