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Flora running around randomly late at night for no reason like a cat, suggested by Iron Horse Comics!
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Capital suggestion, indeed.

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As a "owner" of three regular cats... this idea is kinda terrifying. It's bad enough when all three of mine get the "Evil Crazies" (that's what we call them ^_-) it's bad enough. The idea of even one the size and shape of an adult human doing that?

NOPE O_O I like my house in one (relatively speaking) piece, thanks :P

noved7's avatar

I can't believe it took so long for someone to say that. 😂

Dat ass indeed... and if she's getting this much exercise playing, you could probably bounce a gold coin off of it!

Contrasting with comatose during the day.

I guess this will happen when Trace and Flora are no longer on the road.

Then add the offspring...

night-fire123's avatar

yep i own a cat i know how he feels XD

brighamgaroz32's avatar

I like the consistency of 32 hour days.

(Source is the clock on page 1091)

We keep instinctively claiming that its 3 a.m. when it's actually 4.

Flora seems happy being out of the communal bed where zoomies were fur kittens.

Trace is not so sure.

kurai-ryuu's avatar

Thankfully, our own cat has zoomies during the day.

Love that face on trace, I can hear the deep sigh he's inevitably going to let out before these zoomies are over.

MadetGheist's avatar

XD pros and cons, my man. Pros and cons

MviluUatusun's avatar

Get used to it, Trace. This is what you signed up for when you accepted her into your life.

B-Man100's avatar

Damn 3 am zoom meetings

MviluUatusun's avatar

I'm lucky. I've got two cats and the 3 am zoomies have NEVER occurred, not even the 2 or 1 am zoomies.

Is she trying her version of counting sheep?

Wyvern-1's avatar

I'd probably just say awake all night if I tried counting Floras. ^_^

Cecil475's avatar

Look at all the Floras...

What? The joke writes itself.

Xaniell's avatar

As someone who has five bastard-furbabies, #relatable

GRMPhoenix's avatar

maybe she saw the devil. It's 3:00 am the so called the time of the devil

[Crotchety old-man voice] When I was your age, the Witching Hour was 12 AM

awesomeenderfox's avatar

I feel like this is some form of karma for Trace

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