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Watching the Stars

#4 Color vote for September, suggested by BuddrVinyl!
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paul-rosenkavalier's avatar

This is so cute, these two make the perfect couple.

MtangaLion's avatar

They're fireflies! Fireflies, stuck on that big bluish-black thing!

Dropthepizza's avatar

A boy,a girl,a clear starry night, crisp cool air filled with fireflies and their thoughts. Very much worth the insects and grass stains.

HonoredNightHowler's avatar

This angle and background is absolutely beautiful to gaze at. Wish I can have a view like that. (I'm a city boy lol) Love the grass with the fireflies lighting it up.

EnddyEndoskeleton's avatar

Nat: "I never have seen such a beautiful sight before."

Keith: "I've seen something more beautiful than this."

Nat: "Really? What is it?"

Keith: * looks at Natina*

Nat: "Are you going to tell me or not?"

MviluUatusun's avatar

Careful, Keith. You know that Natani hates to expose her femininity (figuratively expose not literally expose since she's at least partially naked about 20% of the time anyway).

Ari3sRe4p3r's avatar
aqdrobert's avatar

Kirk McCoy Nod

I wonder if anyone on the planet is looking at us right now, McCoy?

flamlentat's avatar
I wonder what their offspring would look like?
PongoBluetooth's avatar

Love seeing these boys together <3

Nat:”Wow it’s so beautiful“

Keith:”Yeah it’s just you, me, and the moon”

Moon:”Hey you two should kiss”

fire-inu-princess's avatar

I love these two, they're so cute

SuperShadowX's avatar

I love how Keith is very not looking at the stars

<Nat> "I see the Basitin Pole Star, but where's your pole?"

<Keith> "..."

MightyRaptor's avatar

Are you trying to draw something similar to a midnight Lycanroc?

A date under the stars

RexiMls's avatar
Tank50us's avatar

Is it odd that this reminded me of one of the Halo 3 trailers?

Combak's avatar

Keith and Nat, always a good combo. Excellent work Tom!

Towin304's avatar

Eh, it's not perfect, but this reminded me of this for some reason.

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