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Tkturials - Digitigrade Legs Guide

By Twokinds
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Twokinds Tutorials - Digitigrade Legs

Looking around Deviantart, I noticed that there weren't very many good, detailed guides on drawing characters with digitigrade legs, like those featured on my Keidran and Basitin races. Digitigrade, for those unaware, is a term for an animal that walks on their digits (toes) rather that flat-footed, as we humans do. This style of character design can be difficult for someone unused to this type of anatomical structure. Now, I am not claiming to be any sort of expert. But I have been drawing these guys for more than ten years now, and I often get asked how I draw certain things. So this is not necessarily a "how to draw" tutorial" as it is a "how I draw" tutorial, if you get my meaning.

I hope this information can prove useful for those of you who are aspiring artists, or at least interesting to those who wish to learn more about how I go about my drawing process. So without further adieu, please allow Flora to demonstrate for you how it works! Enjoy!
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oo, these could be helpful. Thank you. S:)

PhoenixKZ's avatar

Awesome! Thank you soo much! Its very helpful

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Wow, I just started getting back in to drawing & decided to try anthro, this helps so much thank you for sharing♥️

This is helpful thank you for this
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Would you ever consider making a "how you draw" tutorial for drawing a full-body anthro animal? I want to be able to at least try and improve my work. Normally when I try and improve my work, I try to make it similar to some one else's art (I don't publish it), with their permission first of course, and see how good it looks in comparison. I don't know how many other artists do this as well, but I find it very helpful when it comes to practicing. Anyways, naturally I have my own style, but I like to base it on other styles sometimes for fanart purposes and for reference to see how I'm improving
Anyway, regardless, I've been a fan of twokinds for years, and unfortunately only recently discovered your deviantart, but keep up the great work, I love your work and you too!
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Great resource for fans of digitigrade anthros - thanks for sharing this!
Roxalew's avatar
This is very helpful, thank you :D
Masterwavexl7's avatar
those pictures are so nice I had a hard to focusing on the text!
really nice job! finally found a beautifully done, crystal clear take on bipedal digitigrades. needed this -3-
FOXTail402's avatar
Helpful. Check.
Fox approves
Neosilverpaws's avatar
Oh wow been wondering about a ref sheet like this.
Slizergiy's avatar
It's a good refrence guide to refer to when doing my drawings.
JayderDanger42's avatar
A life lesson has been taught and learned
ItsallaboutM3's avatar

(In other words, thank you for all of your, and this, help)
This has been infinitely helpful! I actually drew a thingy that looked like a thing instead of a what-izzit. Any tips on doing hands?
This is a really good guide, and shows the thought you've put into digitigrade anatomy. I just wish I could get a commission...
BelindaCipher's avatar
can my fursona be a Keidran? idk much, but I shall learn the way of this race.
rippleNsplash's avatar
Thanks this was very helpful
Phoenixdragon220's avatar
You should do more of these tutorials.
Thehoodedteddy13's avatar
Trying to draw Tabaxi for my D&D campaign.  Very helpful
BlueFireWolf14's avatar
Sort of helpful to me because it is too crowded and I can tell which one I'm drawing.
Burbujaman's avatar
This has helped me a lot to improve my drawing thanks !!
MiniDragonfly's avatar
This would be quite usefull for me drawing anthro characters or made up creatures that walks on toes.  Thanks for drawing this.
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