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The Rematch

I really like how this piece came out. A lot of experimental stuff when into it and actually worked. The prospective of Natani took a lot of fiddling to get right. Drawing a character from below is not very easy to do. I also tilted the horizon line to an extreme to give it more energy. I played around with light and shadow, and tried to keep the lighting consistent and from a specific direction, unlike most of my work that just has a default lighting scheme.

Finally, I tried to add some more saturated colors. Looking back, I think a lot of my work suffers from rather dull coloration, and I hope to improve in that. Maybe some warmer, brighter colors will make for more interesting art.

A lot of this stuff was inspired by the art classes I've been taking in collage. I think my teachers have done a great deal to inspire me to improve on my techniques. I've still got a lot to learn, but I am learning. Hope you like the results.
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cant tell if natani is male or female
someone tell me the gender xd
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natani is transgender!!
he is physically female, but identifies as male. (in short - he's a boy)
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thank you for telling me
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Will be more like this?:)
NitroGAMEAAW's avatar
hahahahah totally 100% male count
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"Fatality! Natani Wins!"
         -Mortal Kombat game style phrase
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Ready !! Fight !!!
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I just love this picture i don't know why it just appeals to me and natani is my favorite character so the picture is just awesome great job tom on the series as well
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Reminds me of Sagat from Street Fighter for some reason xD
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Natani: BOXING TIME!!!

...someone ring the bell.

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Me: *sneaks up behind her and cut the bandges right infront of everyone*
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[Insert Basitin black magic joke here]
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Fists should be closer to the face, and elbows should be closer to the body.  Gotta keep your guard up, even while striking, if I saw someone coming at me like that I'd hook kick or round kick them in the jaw and knock them out instantly.

Yeah I know I sound like an asshole but sometimes I just can't help myself.
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In the comic wolves fight with more open armed and relaxed style and they rely mainly on strength. It tends to catch the enemy off guard with technique but the skill of an assasin is not to be reckoned with.
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hmmm natani as a sparing partner A-SAY-SUN FOR A SPARRING PARTNER Keith I would run now
Lasveru's avatar
I would be terrified if i were keith
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riet now i want to now haw trace, flora, and eric will reak when they do discover natani secret. i n ow it will be soon, the grop now that black magick is deadly, and bastens beans go to mush if they ust regler majik, so that cover is gon, and kat is supeshes, i say with in the nex 5 pages with her in it, her secret will be discover.
i bet eric will do an pervert thing.
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