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The Lost Panels: Dragon Tease

Originally, I was going to have a little more clarification as to the relationship between Ms. Nora and Trace back in the forest scene. I decided to scrap it to save time.

Poor, poor Trace.
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Wait, did he originally bonk his head and lose his memory??
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Nora, you're a silly dragon.
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It's neat to see the difference in styles over 13 years.
I gotta say, I kinda like her neck- and chest-scales better like this. Makes it look more armored than just decorative.
Xoopster's avatar
I wish you hadn't scrapped it!
Ecchi-collector's avatar
Just let it happen trace! Struggling wont help XD
RileaRymber's avatar
Nothing stands between a dragoness and what she wants. And I should know.
pittbull44's avatar
nothing to stop her at all
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If I were Trace I would have had a heart attack by then.
seakee2112's avatar
Why does everone what to torcher trace?
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That does it Apple auto-spell sucks!
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Aaaand what was that clarification going to be...?
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is there any way to find the full clarificatin of what went on in that forest?
awesomeguy888's avatar*giggle*
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its a dragon from skyrim fus
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wait... didn't trace have "tiger stripe - pants" after flora took the milk and tried to ehh *ahem* do something interesting with trace? where did those pink ones come from?
I don't know about you, but most people don't wear the same pants every day!
Dretzor's avatar
Your arguement is invalid. :)
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