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The Dragon Masquerade: Cover

By Twokinds
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This is the cover of The Dragon Masquerade, one of the largest side projects I have ever worked on. I put a tremendous amount of effort into the art and writing of every page, effort which I think paid off in the end. Just yesterday, I received my first advanced copies of the print, and they look awesome. And I am not saying that to inflate my own ego or anything, they really do! The printer did an amazing job and I can't wait for you guys to see it for yourselves first-hand.

NOW AVAILABLE at Indyplanet:…
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Twokinds i was wondering... why isnt this book available at keenspot? it would be nice to keep obne store only so it would be easier for everyone to buy your books and other stuff...
by the way, how come that Natani did understand human language at that time?
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Why is this in Mature content?
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CrazyHorseLover345Hobbyist General Artist
I just bought the download version and my laptop refuses to open it. Any clues why?

A popup claims the file is damaged and can't be repaired
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CrazyHorseLover345Hobbyist General Artist
Boughtit again and downloaded it onto my new laptop. Works fine now :)
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Was this ever continued?
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SwiftwindKCStudent General Artist
I wish i could give it a read, I'm like new to you and stuff and I have no clue of anything
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Every time I see anything having to do with Two kinds I think either

A. That's cute


C. Poor (insert character here)

D. (Insert character) is a ass

E. Rage.
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CarwaileaHobbyist Filmographer
So beautifully drawn! I love the design of their outfits. They look very similar to the apparel you see in The Witcher. :D (Big Grin) 
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PowerhousesHobbyist Artist
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btdandurandStudent Artist
Saw your art on Reddit, next thing I know I'm buying this. Love your style and characters, can't wait to read it!
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PHR16384Hobbyist General Artist
My friend showed me his copy a while back, and your ego's not wrong.  Awesome, indeed.
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AAAAAgghhh! I want this! But I'm too old! Why? Oh. I suppose I could get it for Christmas... maybe. Or even Easter. But I suppose I'll just go back to the dark, gritty, dully sad, futuristic-ness of Warhammer 40k. Death to the Xenos and so forth. Purge the Heretic. Praise to the Emperor.... hey! This isn't so bad. Space Marines are coolest things EVAR! And the memes too. Hold on, someone hold my beer. I'm going to play through all of Warhammer 40k Space Marine Exterminatus again. But still, I want this. No amount of playing Warhammer 40k (the board game) or listening to Black MIDI songs will make me wait even longer. *sigh*
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So, currently I'm 15 and have my own bank account, but my parents refuse to get me a debit/ credit card because I don't know how to handle my cash (and in all truthfulness I really don't).

but I'm taking a helpful class at my school that teaches me how to balance accounts, invest, save, etc. So, by next summer I will be purchasing ALL of the TwoKinds Books, Side Comics, and The Dragon Masquerade, in Hard Copy (I hope).

Tom, you and your brother, Mark, are huge inspirations for me, both in Video and Writing. I don't know what I'd be doing in my spare time if you guys hadn't existed. Thank You!
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LordByriisHobbyist General Artist
XD it looks like a James Bond movie
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If you look very closely, you'll realise it is one. ∩༼˵☯‿☯˵༽つ¤=[]:::::>
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LordByriisHobbyist General Artist
I'm pretty pumped, my parents might actually buy me the Dragon Masquerade
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I might get it. But then, I've got other things to waste my money on.
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LordByriisHobbyist General Artist
True, but I would love to see it; not being able to see all of TwoKinds is killing me
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Yeah. Really whilst I wait I just listen to running in the 90's in black MIDI. Or the instrumental. But hey, we can all leave Twokinds up to our imaginations. Or wait for an Animated series. I would watch the hell out of that.
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ImagineMintyHobbyist Digital Artist
Is it available in the UK? Becuase when I click the link, the price is in dollars.
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I'm not sure if the physical copy is, but you could probably buy the digital copy from the site.
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How do I get this comic? is it available in hard copy version?
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I am sooo interested in getting this! I love the comic that you do ^.^ <3<3 I do have a question though and it probably says it somewhere and I am overlooking it so badly but I cant seem to find it currently >.< how many pages is this comic?
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TwokindsHobbyist Digital Artist
This side comic is 24 pages long.
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