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Published: October 2, 2017
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A group of friends play a familiar game,  suggested by CaptainJedi and Furbiticus! on Patreon!
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heh this feels like my party XD
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Makes you wonder a lot about reality, doesn't it?
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TimberlineWolfStudent General Artist
and through it all, Mrs. Nibbly's still a squirrel! lol
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Live from som radon squid its DnD with

Alex as Trace

Rebecca as Flora

Keith as Keith

Nami as Natani

and Mrs. Nibbly as Mrs. Nibble
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Did anyone else notice the wall outlet lol.
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BurtsstripeHobbyist Digital Artist
ow, I want 2 play DnD.
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Tom:"For the last time you can't be a scientist or a soldier!"
Me:"Why not!?!?!?!"
Flora:"It doesn't fit the theme."
Me:"WHAT THEME!? The creatures here talk about how we can't reproduce with each other because of Genetics and there's Tigers, Wolves and other kinds of Kiedran but no black or Hispanic Humans!!! And don't even get me started on Kiedran biology...!"
[Everyone turns to Tom.]
Tom:" what kind of Scientist are you?"
Me:"Engineer/physicist!" :D
Trace:"Hey can your science amplify my magic?"
[Everyone turns to Tom.]
Tom:"Sure why not?"
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Love how Nora is in the background there..
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meowofthellamaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Awesome Natani and Keith humans.
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The Twokinds world never existed in the first place...DID IT?!?!
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BaconDownHobbyist Digital Artist
damn twokinds, i remember reading that in high school. cant believe i forgot about, ill have to pick it up again soon.
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Blueflame-NightWolfStudent Artist
hmm, feels like dajavu doesnt it? 😕
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It feels like Jumanji ongoing
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"I'm sure it won't ever come up."?   Famous last words, famous last words...
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This is so accurate!Nod 
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Firestarthecat1Hobbyist General Artist
Well, this explains the constant chaos. Looks like someone stole my idea and made a fiction series out of their campaign.
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Anhilliator1Hobbyist General Artist
Trace: "Wait, what do you mean my character goes on a anti-keidran rampage?"

DM (Probably Neutral): "That's what black magic does, turns you into a nutcase!"


Neutral: "Okay, I cast amnesia. Roll for initiative..."

[Trace:1 Neutral:20]

Neutral: "Your characer now has total amnesia."

Trace: "Damn. Wait... does this mean I'm not crazy anymore?"

Neutral: "Yep. It also means you can romance Keidrans again."


Raine: "I move to amplify Carver's spell."

Neutral: "Ok, roll for effect."


Raine/Carver: "What."

Neutral: "Ok, so, Carver, you wind up getting warped to the Western Basitin islands."

Carver: "Do I get captured?"

Neutral: "Yes. Yes you do."

Carver: [Holding in laughter] "Screw you, Raine."

Raine: "I aim to misbehave."
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DandychillerHobbyist General Artist
A Firefly reference! Finally!
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I would so play this
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KeithStrifeHobbyist Traditional Artist
what is Nibbly doing there?
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soulking24Hobbyist Filmographer
My guess is, that she wants to play as well.
Nibbs is by far my favorite character, so I can't complain.
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ZanarNaryonHobbyist General Artist
Well, sexuality doesn't seem to be a thing in DND, so I'm sure it won't come up
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Well actually not only is it a thing but it can get a little..... dirty.... but also there are some spell effects that only work off that stuff.
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