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Species Swap - Raine and Maren


#5 Color vote for May, suggested by Gameboy78 & Masterzooka!

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Hey, I know this is a bit out of the blue, but could you do some fanart for a fusion of undertale last breath with Flora and Laura? By the way which one of the characters in your art is the main character or two main characters?

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Both girls look quite nice and lovely posing as each others' species for this picture you've done! :D

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awsome! it seems to me that wolf maren is better than cat maren. being a wolf makes her look HOT!

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I feel like I missed something...and I mean from the conversation, not the cleavage. That I saw immediately.

i would préfer if raine stay a wolf but it's still f**ing cute !!!

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two beautiful ladies!

may i join them

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Now ain't that a kick in the head!

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It would be funny if she did get a chance to change back and she took the chance of not bothering to go back.
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hey now maren can have purebreds with syther

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That's the best part.
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"sniff sniff" I smell "sniff" dragon shenanigans.

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Yes, I wish it would happen. It is such a same that our favourite mischievous dragon is currently sleeping.

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Raine looks rather adorable as a feline, hoping Red doesn't mind cats and as for Sythe not letting Maren hear then end of things... idk she may be surprised. Poor Maren probably going to find out just how strong canine noses can be for the wrong reasons XD

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Yes! Maren is so hot as a Woof...

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That is one HOT DOGDancing Hotdog


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Meowth Blush Lycanroc(midnight) Icon

Who switched our bodies?

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They both look adorable. :)

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