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Snake Lady

By Twokinds
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Well, I've never drawn a Naga before, so here you guy. Just thought I'd try something new out. :) I'll tell you what though, I'm pretty much sick of scales now. Enjoy :)
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ItsallaboutM3Hobbyist Digital Artist
:D thoses... :| are... :/ called... :c na.. :C gas! ...Ashamed 
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Aww, she's so cute!
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the scales look really good though
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I would take this woman on a date . I hope she doesn't bite me 
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PentacoilHobbyist Traditional Artist
This should be a skin for Cassiopea ( League of legends)
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WyvernisHobbyist General Artist
The trick apparently is to do clusters of scales, makes less work and can enhance the the effect
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She's absolutely gorgeous, I love the expression, those scales, and how you can still see hints of scales on her upper half, too.
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like your art. she's very nice. I know what you mean though, scale's are a pain to draw.
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She doesn't eat people, does she?!
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Such an an unusual character design for you - but I quite like it. Her expression is most intriguing.
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I will have to say, the snake part is great.
The human part is great... 

But... I jsut can't get over the joining part. There are two things about it.
First, and most noticable, is ofcourse the abrubt change. It's like you cut a snake and a human in half and welded each respective part togheter.
It'd be intressting to see a more "melded" mid section where the body gradualy goes from human to snake.

If I were to make something similar, I'd make the scales gradualy change and morph with the skin.
The front body-armor would be a bit tricky, and still rather abrubt. Due to the shapes and sizes of them.
The smaller back scales could go up a bit on the lover back, gradually shifting tone to mix the human part. (Kind of like you made on her shoulders.)

Secondly, (and this is a bit of a nit-pick,) the lower part looks miss-aligned.
The snake part is almost straight forward, but the human part looks to be turned aprox. 15-20 degress to the side, compared to the rest of her snake self. :P

So, as always, it's a great work each in it's respective field - but the mix is a bit off I'd say. :)
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LEgGOdt1 General Artist
Wow, she's hot!
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NokotaSilverHobbyist General Artist
THANK YOU for not drawing a naga with butt cheeks. A guy I knew drew one like that with butt cheeks and the tops of her legs there before the tail, and we could only think of one reason for doing it like that... Thank you for being realistic and less of a giant pervert.
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I really like it! Wished you had a bigger res tho.
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Er, not a Naga -- this is a Lamia. A Naga has no arms?
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NokotaSilverHobbyist General Artist
You're right, it is, but Naga is the more popular term and a lot of people confuse the two, so who cares? She's cute.
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Kinda cute, but i think she looks like kat in the face! That just me?
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is her top....made of her shed skin?
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he should put naga's in the comic as a recently discovered kiedaran (sry bad spelling)
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KingGundaharStudent Traditional Artist
But Nagas are from the Wow.
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Actually, you're wrong. A "Naga" or "Nagi" is any deity or entity that takes the form of a snake. It was used thousands of years ago in Sanskrit writings and still often appears in Hinduism and Buddhism.
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first off it was as a story idea second Wow never made naga's Wow got them from medusa or other myths of half snake have human
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